Extinct Civilization / Lost Civilizations watch online

Extinct Civilization / Lost Civilizations watch online
Undercover lives one day living. Never before has no nearer to that of the long-range limit of the period 7,000 years or more. From the bloody wars of the rulers Maya and the last pharaoh to the pleasures of a Roman empress undercurrent. We will visit the 25 countries of Cuzco in Peru to Petra in Jordan. From the old Mesopotamia to modern Tibet, lost worlds perked up again in the paintings of the television series

1. Aegean Sea. In the wake of Atlantis

2. Africa. Mainland, which took away the story

3. Tibet. Where braked time.

4. Egypt. In the quest for immortality

5. Greece. In pursuit of excellence

6. Mesopotamia. Return to Eden

7. Inca. Undercover Protz

8. Maya. Empire bloody kings

9. China. The Mighty Dynasty

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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