Eye of storm will come to St. Petersburg to 19.00 MSK

 Typhoon "Bolaven" (Bolaven), who on Wednesday was transformed into a vast tropical cyclone in the next few hours to reach the Khabarovsk Territory, the population shall be informed of the danger, told RIA Novosti the Far East Regional Emergency Center.

"Center of the tropical cyclone in the next few hours will be in the Khabarovsk Territory, already the rain," — said the source, adding that the cyclone is also moving in the direction of the Amur region and the Jewish Autonomous Region.

According to the National Center for Crisis Management Russian Emergencies Ministry, the center of the cyclone reaches the Khabarovsk Territory to 19.00 MSK medium.

Typhoon originated in the southern latitudes Pacific, he had already passed south of Japan and beyond the Korean peninsula. On Saturday, the wind speed at the center of disaster reached 70 meters per second, the wave height was up to ten meters. The last time this figure was recorded in 1956.

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