Fall Phobos videotaped


Timur Rakhimov

French amateur astronomer Thierry Lego filmed on video falling Russian satellite "Phobos-Grunt". Video and photos posted on his personal website.

Lego, which is the main profession of engineer, formerly also photographed falling U.S. satellite UARS. According to him, to photograph the "Phobos" was almost as difficult as it has been dropped NASA.

"They are comparable in speed fall, brightness and size. True to film" Phobos ", I had to find a pure night sky away for 800 kilometers from Paris to the French Riviera," — he said BBC.

The Russian Defense Ministry has recently reported that "Phobos" will fall to Earth around Jan. 15. The exact location and time of the fall is unpredictable because it depends on many factors.

As explained later in Roskosmos, accurate data will be about a day before the fall of the satellite. "District residues falling spacecraft to date can only be defined by" the strip "on the surface of the Earth 51.4 degrees south latitude to 51.4 degrees north latitude" — quoted by RIA "Novosti" Post Office.

According to the space agency, and the Earth will fly 20-30 fragments "Phobos" weighing up to 200 kilograms. "Many years of international statistics shows that leaving the orbit spacecraft is almost always completely burn up in the atmosphere, and their residual fragments, usually do no harm" — added to the Russian Space Agency.

"Phobos-Grunt" was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on November 9. He had to go to one of the moons of Mars, Phobos and take soil samples from the surface. However, after separation from the launch vehicle in the unit with the engine, and as a result he hung limply in orbit. Apparently, the cause of the accident was the failure of software or damage to equipment on board the station.


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