Famous gunsmith Mikhail Kalashnikov marks the 93rd day of birth

The famous gunsmith Mikhail Kalashnikov marks 93rd birthday

Internationally recognized Russian armorer Misha Kalashnikov November 10 marks 93-year anniversary. As told RIA Announcements unnamed representative of the Union of gunsmiths of, one of the gifts to the old days of birth was lift a 5-storey building, where he lives Kalashnikov.

According to the source, the designer lives in an apartment on the 3rd floor of the ordinary 5-storey house in Izhevsk. The house was built in the 50's of the XX century and the elevator was not in it. "Michael Timofeevichu be 93 years old, he himself feels fine, but climbing the stairs at that age is not easy," — said the representative of the Union.

As previously said the deputy head of the administration of Izhevsk on housing Ivan Marinin lift built as part of programs from Polga repair. "In this entrance home to many retirees who find it difficult to climb the ladder of top floors," — explained bureaucrat. Construction elevator mounted on the outer side of the structure.

Another valuable gift was a medal Russian Chamber of heraldic "Professional Russian" notes agency.

Mike T. Kalashnikov — The famous designer small tools. World fame he had acquired through the creation of the AK family of machines that are at the present moment are in the arsenal of law enforcement agencies in more than 100 countries worldwide. On the basis of the Kalashnikov assault rifle developed more than 500 modifications of civilian self-loading carbine "Saiga". Misha Kalashnikov — the only person awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation and twice Hero of Socialist Labor.

As the agency said in the press-service of the Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant (NGOs "Izhmash"), which works with a Kalashnikov in 1949, designer own day to celebrate birthday with family and friends, and on November 12 will receive congratulations colleagues and the authorities of the town and the region.

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