Famous people of the Russian Federation on the protest movements of the near future

Perhaps there was a RF This is the historical period in which neither would be so intensely tried to show their vision of one or another situation, representatives of Russian society. Painters, actors, directors, workers, students, unemployed and TV personalities — each trying to one degree or another to give his definition of what is still happening now in effect in Russia. Someone climbs the makeshift stage and declares the decline of democracy, the power of condemning someone, someone denounces those brands power. The epicenter of the public still seething Russian capital, which takes place in the near future as parapolitical event that they would be sufficient for a classic Russian way of life for 10 years at least …

In this regard, it is interesting to find out what is happening world of those people who over the years have worked and dedicated work of its own Development. Certainly, a world of these people, if only because of their relevant experience and expertise of Professor, can not be ignored. That's why the situation is to make out with how to behold the current Russian reality of people who are not now and not even yesterday received their highest public and Professor rank.

Here are two examples, one way or another, interspersed among themselves. This interview two 2-a very noble people in Russia: the actor and director Sergei Jurassic (interview "Rain") and journalist Vladimir Pozner (interview "Nevsky Express"). Both of these interviews focused on how these people pochetaemye behold the situation ripen or already overripe in Moscow.

Vladimir Pozner, which is often written in a certain a priori opposition group, although the term "opposition" or "loyalty" of the journalist — something very difficult and controversial, expressed in that spirit that the current string of protests, he sees some of the world trend, in which, one way or another proved and our homeland. Indeed, only now is it possible to see in Russia rally people? Protest movements of modern times are more like some fashion, which many already can not skip past him. It's like fashion for a new gadget … Was published a new magic electrical equipment — means thinking intrigued by the citizens, it is time to buy it. After all, if you will walk with the device an old model — all — down the drain — just write down a "fallen out of the cage" or "lagging behind the fashion." Approximately also takes place on the streets of the capital. "Everyone came out — and I left" — a new neozvuchenny motto for many of those who appeared on the "March of Millions", unsullied by the ponds, or Kudrinskaya Square Arbat. This some Flashmob pretty brutal, which, in fact, no far-reaching plans has not, but attracts special attention. Fad — when not enough who pays his attention to the text or subtext, but vividly reacts to the picture.

Sergei Jurassic it refers to the birth of a new public layer in. Layer, which, in fact, does not know what he needs to achieve, but at the same time understanding what is necessary to achieve something … This layer behaves pretty intense, because it is saturated with people with a good education by today's standards, there is not that the "bottom", which is described in the famous Gorky's work, but there is no ideological and brain stem. While more "to the ground, and then …"

It turns out that the layer is willing, so listen to his opinion, but that he does not have a unified vision that he could convey to other Russians. There is no obvious favorite with the makings of selfless politician who would really brought to the authorities and the people in general, "but what we're actually all we want." And the longer this situation (lack of clear positions) continues, the greater proportion of Russians endless transitions "dissent" from square to square, from square to square will produce at best indifferent, at worst — catchy and outright negative.

Vladimir Pozner, talking about what is happening in Moscow, giving to understand that those minions who want to add to protest actions, in fact, look unconvincing. Boris Nemtsov Posner openly refers to the chicken, which continues to run around the yard after she was already beheaded. Alexei Navalny journalist sees a fascinating man who all his available forces trying to fall greedily to power and so satisfy your same feelings. Posner (yes, that opposition Posner) debunks the myth that Navalny is trying to act on behalf of the people and for the people. About the presenter reads Udaltsov, a little much, as a political terrorist who is ready for some well chosen target and go over the heads of their own colleagues, and their own enemies.

This situation, according to the journalist, it is far not the fruit of Russian reality. In his view, all of this comes from the fact that in the world there is some crisis in the real big-time politics. Even Western states that are "behind" have no particular decade of becoming the political system with hints of real democracy, now ruled in the best case, the political troechniki-middle peasants, who are very far to the monumental. With all this Posner openly calls the current Russian President more carefully look at what is happening in the country. According to him, the problem is the place to be and to solve this dilemma is also necessary — here and now. Only here the whole misfortune is that Posner himself does not know which way to address the urgent situation is to be elected. Cane system, of course, will not lead to a settlement, which is evident in a number of those same Western countries. And full, speak out so that the deflection of a protest movement on the part of the authorities — too far away though not a panacea, as most of the people who voted for the current regime, no such progress usvoyut from the Kremlin. The only thing that Posner is quite true, is the fact, that the so-called Russian legal organization did not try to make out what is happening now "prison of nations". After all, multi-million dollar march and dispersed in the West, and more than often so violent means, if in. Vladimir Pozner calls on human rights defenders to go one way and the evaluation of similar operations in Russia and abroad, and not the "hysteria", pointing the finger only at the Russian government.

Whether the government has listened to the views and rights activists Posner — not a simple question. But also read that the journalist breaks not in his sleigh, of course, do not. The fact that the problem is and what it needs to be addressed — something more than trivial. But here's how to find solutions — a task that will be tough for only real "political mathematicians" with a creative approach to the "razrulivaniya situation."

Sergei Jurassic sure to solve the problem of old methods, the country is unlikely to succeed. Why, not only in our country … According to him, the global storm enveloped the entire civilized world, "storm not only Moscow, Krasnoyarsk or Orenburg, storms and Frankfurt, and Madrid, and New York."

It turns out that the protests in Russia did not call some separate phenomenon. Hurry, this is part of a global protest that spilled into the streets of big cities, as a postscript to the prior financial crisis and the prologue to the crisis of the newest wave. And if such earlier globalization "senseless and merciless" protests because of
the greater rigidity of the municipal boundaries were hard to wait, but now has become a worldwide open tenderloin soil, in order for this protest has gone unchecked in different countries of the world.

It turns out that there is already finding a way out of the situation must be far away not only the Russian authorities. These are some planetary symptoms that will cure together. In this regard, the second plan can retreat even formed such challenges in recent years as Islamic extremism and movement difficulties. The world is entering the latest phase, which so far is, for the most part, untethered metamorphosis and provocative steps. Have for this whole situation is one title that has been around for a long time. This title — "anarchism" — a manifestation of thoughts on the Elimination of any coercion in relation to man. But far not all of the principles of anarchism fit what is happening now is not enough that violates one of the basic principles of anarchism, when one or more man can not impose their will on others. As can be seen on the streets of the capital is particularly so. A means that we have to deal with some new kind of crisis of anarchism, which breaks out in various centers of towns and countries. Where then will move these "children of the modern anarchy," and what this move could end — that's the main question that does not seem to worry less and participants of this resounding protest.

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