Fifty British actors have signed a petition in support of a free Belarus

Belarusian "Free Theatre" shows in London two performances — "Discover Love" and "Numbers." First appeared in productions of the theater took not only the actors of the theater, but also Hollywood celebrities: Jude Law, Ian McKellen, Samuel West and others. Thus the artistic community as expressed solidarity with the "Free Theatre" and the Belarusian society.

December 5 at one of the largest theaters in the UK, London "Young Vic", took place the so-called "Gala EVENT" Belarusian "Free Theatre". Were shown two performances: "Numbers" directed by Vladimir Shcherban and "Discover Love" directed by Nikolai Khalezin. For the first time in the practice of the Belarusian theater event was attended by eminent theater and film actors in Britain and the United States. Here is what today, arriving at Minsk airport, the artistic director of the theater Nikolai Khalezin:

Nikolai Khalezin

"It was a very strong event. Were almost all actors, and that should have been, except for Kate Winslet. Instead, it was Sienna Miller, which together withJude Law played Irina and Anatoly Krasovsky. Another couple — is Sam West andAjou Ando. Opened the triumph of the show "Numbers" trilogy with "Zone of Silence" and then began "Discover Love". It involved three pairs of actors: Marina Yurevich andOleg Sidorchik, them in the middle of the play changed Jude Law and Sienna Miller finally came up after them, Sam West and BWA Ando. At the end of our actors worked again, and the final scene all played together. The event turned out very interesting and artistic point of view and also from the public all the actors worked for free, and we have even expressed gratitude for the fact that they were invited to work together. "

It will be recalled that the basis of "Discover Love" on a true story of the relationship Irina and Anatoly Krasovsky. Businessman and public figure Anatol Krasovsky disappeared under mysterious circumstances in September 1999 together with the politician Victor Gonchar. Performance-illustration "Numbers" is a trilogy of "Zone of Silence" along with the works of "Legends of Childhood" and "The Others" and stage shows, both in terms of the current regime is "manipulating numbers" in Belarus.

Troupe "Free Theatre" in July, was already in London. Together with the artists visited the British capital and the leader of the civil campaign "European Belarus" Andrei Sannikov, who interviewedBy Tom Stoppard— The world-famous playwright personally favors the disgraced Belarusian theater. The day before, during a meeting of the presidential candidates Andrei Sannikov and Vladimir Neklyaeva with voters at Railway Square in Minsk, Mr. Sannikov received moral support from London: "Tom Stoppard called to support me, and said that the soul and the mind he is with us — with all who fight for freedom in Belarus. "

But, as said Nikolai Khalezin, expressed support for the Belarusians and others present at the performances of the "Free Theatre":

"Generally speaking, there were many journalists, many politicians, lords and peers, had a lot of lawyers, human rights activists, of course, actors and just public figures. Total — 450.

No one could even imagine that the reception will be just that.

At the end of the hall 10 minutes standing ovation arranged everything. Everyone agreed: no one could even imagine that the reception will be just that. After that, we got a lot of suggestions for further performances in the UK. Also it should be noted that out petition signed by many actors — about 60 people. In addition, signed it, and more than 100 public figures. This is a petition in support of a free Belarus "Free Theatre". There have names such as Kate Winslet and Jeremy Ayrens, and many other stars. One of these days we will publish the petition in its entirety. "

"Free Theatre" — an underground theater project created in Minsk in 2005 on the initiative of Nikolai Khalezin and Natalia Kolyada. The troupe has its own stage and funding, so the performances take place in Belarus, mostly in private apartments. Fashion does not publicized because a few years ago, the police detained during the show dozens of artists and spectators, many of whom were foreigners.

Meanwhile, it does not prevent associates have international recognition. "Free Theatre" part of the European Theatre Convention. In December 2007, the company won the French Republic, and in April 2008 in Thessaloniki, the Greek "Free Theatre" was awarded the prestigious theater prize "Europe — the theater." Theater successfully toured Europe, the U.S., Australia, Japan, the countries of Central Africa.

Ideas of "Free Theatre" outstanding support of our creators: Tom Stoppard, Vaclav Havel, Mick Jagger. A Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter during the life of the theater gave the right placement of all his plays.


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