Ford of Military History

Every person who at least once sat behind the wheel, or picked up a car magazine, knows that one of the most impressive brands of cars that have passed a long way in history is Ford. Almost half a century since the creation of the first car brand Ford car meet civilian needs only. Since 1942 creation civilian models urgently to decide the best time to stop. The company is almost completely focused on the production of military equipment. Was developed even a special program that is designed to create a 85-minute thousand motor languid Liberator bombers B-24, approximately 57-minute thousands of aircraft engines and almost 250 thousand tanks and other weapons.

Ford of Military History

If we talk about successful "child" in Ford time 2nd World War, it applies to them he said the B-24, let us make at one time a lot of noise in the literal and figurative sense. Range layout Liberator B-24 for its time was impressive, as well as the possibility of placing a very extended crew. But the British troops, who closely cooperated with the Yankees in armaments, was not considered plane, manufactured by Ford, able to make tough tasks. Reason for such a judgment was that the plane was quite vulnerable to the German air force and air defense systems. Then, as they say, taking into account the wishes of the allies, the Americans decided to upgrade the model, what was built a special plant in the Detroit area. After upgrading a Ford plane became intensely consumed while patrolling the Atlantic and the Pacific. He found a great German submarine.

But this modification was far from perfect, because such aircraft during a frontal attack could not use their guns, induced by hand. Speaking precisely, he could, but it was a very small sector of the introduction of the 12.7-mm weapons.

After a while the Ford factory defected to the creation of the model aircraft B-24J with additional fuel tanks. But the plane also had to be upgraded because there was a strong possibility of operator error in time pumping fuel from the auxiliary to the main tanks. Cruising speed of the aircraft was about 346 km / h at flying range almost 3.4 thousand kilometers. B-24 crew consisted of 10 people.

So Makar, Ford has a history and glorious military page, open up new production capabilities.

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