Former Minister of Defense of Georgia threatens conclusion

Former Minister of Defense of Georgia threatens conclusionCity court of the capital of the Republic of Georgia to grant the petition of the state prosecutor's office. So, as a preventive measure to former Minister of Defense Bacho Akhalaia elected provisional type of conclusion. The defense said the former minister was going to appeal the decision of the judicial authorities within forty-eight hours.

Two other ex-officials who are accused of abuse of power — and that the chief of staff of the National Mr. Kalandadze and the commander of one of the infantry brigades Zurab Shametava — would soon be out from prison on bail in the amount of twenty thousand lari each (which is about twelve thousand dollars.) Previously expressed by the prosecution motion to detain these three defendants.

'When choosing a preventive measure, take into account the seriousness of the charges that have been filed, and the risk that these people can escape or be able to influence the witnesses, we have taken into account the nature of activities carried out by the defendants and the results of those actions and the activities of the accused in the past "- said speaker-judge Mrs. Areshidze.

All three were arrested on the charge, which relates to the excess of their authority. Akhalaia but later added a new, more serious charges under article that provides the illegal restraint of liberty. The fault neither of the accused not guilty.

Preliminary hearings will be held in the Tbilisi City Court.

Overall, examination of the application of the General Prosecutor's Office in Tbilisi City Court lasted about three hours.

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