Found fruit rejuvenates the body for 17 years

Regular use of apple body much younger.

Apples. Photo:

English proverb "An apple a day — and no you do not need a doctor," and Russian folk expression "rejuvenating apples" are under a serious scientific basis.

With regular use of apples as scientists claim, a person can not only extend life, but also significantly rejuvenate your body. Useful element — epicatechin polyphenol — increases the level of protection of human immune system, improves blood circulation and rejuvenates the heart.

These data were obtained in the study: the participants in the experiment significantly increased the elasticity of blood vessels, which increases the risk of hardening of heart disease. In addition, the volunteers began to feel much better, stronger state of their cardiovascular system. The body of the younger men by about 17 years.

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