From the Baltic Sea would lift the rare German bomber

From the Baltic Sea will raise rare German bomber

German military would lift from the bottom Baltic Sea remains of Nazi bombers JU 87 Stuka, Associated Press reports referring to the captain Sebastian Bangert (Sebastian Bangert), which controls the operation on behalf of the Museum of Military History in Dresden. Now in the world there are only two unique instances of the military aircraft, which are represented in museums in London and Chicago.

JU 87 Stuka on the days of Baltic Sea was found in the 1990s. But the work of raising the aircraft started only at the moment — first of June. During this time, the divers managed to raise to the surface some of the aircraft, including the engine. It is expected that on Tuesday, June 12th, will get a 18-meter depth of the shell.

According to professionals, plane preserved in good condition, despite the fact that the days are spent at sea for about 70 years. The museum going absolutely refurbish it and put in the Museum of the Air Force in Berlin. While his stories virtually nothing is clear. Researchers are going to set the serial number on his body, who ruled them, and under what circumstances it crashed.

Bombradirovschiki JU87 Stuka dive for the first time have been used in military operations during the civilian war in Spain in 1936-1939. German Nazis deported them to the aid of the fascist movement in Spain. Then Stuka used during the second World War to the bombing of cities.

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