From the Black Sea Fleet warship brought Ochakov

In Sevastopol, August 20, in a festive atmosphere with anti-ship "Ochakov" was launched Andrew flag, the report "Russian news service".

Farewell to the ship was on the top deck. "Hundreds of sailors and veterans watched as the first commander of the 'Ochakova' Admiral Igor Kasatonov descends St. Andrew's flag and transmits it to the representative of the Museum of the Navy, "- reported its correspondent RSN. According to him, the ship will be sold for scrap, but the customer is still unknown.

"Ochakov" was founded in late 1969, the same year he was admitted to structure The Soviet Navy. Launched the ship in 1971. In 1991, "Ochakov" began to mend, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union means to the service was not enough and the repair is finished and has not been. In 1993, aboard the "Ochakova" there was a severe fire, as a result of which the technical condition of the vehicle significantly exacerbated.

That "Ochakov"Withdraw from the BSF, it became clear in April 2010. At the same unofficial sources said that the same will happen with a diesel-electric submarine B-380" Holy Prince Jora "and prepare to be written off to the same large anti- ship "Kerch" hospital ship "Yenisei", sea transport ship "Turgay" cable ship "SETUN" and sea transport of weapons, "General Ryabikov."

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