From the courtroom — in the sea

From the courtroom - in the seaOn the days of Pacific Fleet military court has come to an end in the case of the tragedy that took place on a nuclear submarine "Nerpa" (NPS), the K-152. The commander of the submarine Guard Captain 1st Rank Dimitri Lavrentiev and bilge machinist Dmitry Coffin was eventually pronounced not guilty sentence.

Recall that the November 8, 2008 during the trial of the submarine "Nerpa" in the Sea of Japan came out unauthorized inclusion of a large chemical fire extinguishing system, which has become a prerequisite for the death of 20 people.

Guard Captain 1st Rank Dimitri Lavrentiev was charged under Section 3, Article. 286 of the Criminal Code. From the perspective of the charges, the commander of submarine "Nerpa" was not forthcoming tribute to the degree of training of the submarine, which was the precondition for the emergence of serious consequences. Bilge driver, Sergeant 1st Class Dmitry coffin was charged under Section 3 of Art. 109 of the Criminal Code.

According to the lawyer Sergei D.Lavrenteva Cooper verdict was handed down by the jury, and based on the fact that "the composition of the crime is not installed."

"The point was to follow: the jury had to determine whether the submitted extinguishing mixture specifically as a consequence of pressing the sprinkler system," — explains S. Cooper. According to the lawyer, the jury had to admit that the filing of consistency, which served as a prerequisite for death, was not provoked by the actions of driver Dmitry deathly.

Also, the tribunal was rejected by about 30 claims for compensation of material and moral damage to D.Lavrentevu and D. Coffin of the victims. Canceled applies to the defendant on his own recognizance.

Dmitry Lavrentiev admitted that he believes the tribunal handed down sentence fair, impartial and fully reflect the actual state of affairs.

From the courtroom - in the seaRepresentatives of the prosecution chose to abstain from comment, but an assistant military prosecutor PF Roman Kolbanovym been said that public prosecutors are going to appeal sentence in the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court. Also disagreed with the verdict and many members of the victims. According to Vladimir Nezhura, a fitter, a member of the commissioning team, which lost as a result of the tragedy son Alexander, who also came into the commissioning team, had to admit guilty and captain D.Lavrenteva and bilge D.Grobova driver, who initially accepted the guilty .

Well, on the views of a lawyer C. Cooper, the last point in a dispute between the state prosecution and the defense will not be soon delivered, and mental confrontation will continue. Handed down by the jury verdict is required for both parties and, by law, leaves no room for hesitation in the decision. A discussion of the verdict does not go in the duty of the court of cassation. Tribunal will conduct a study in this case, the prosecution will present the appropriate reasons on issues relating to infringement procedures. By assumption, the lawyer D.Lavrenteva, tribunal appeal court is likely to hear the case would start in about three months.

According to the emperor Lavrentyev, it legally remains the commander of the submarine, the fact is that at the time of the trial he was suspended from official commitments. Because at the moment D. Lavrentyev is preparing to ship out to sea to prepare the transfer boats for rent India. Terms of transfer of Indian nuclear submarine "Nerpa" more than once tolerated.

Apart from Lavrentyev and Coffin, a tragedy has to do with the chemical lab and chief technical management staff of the Pacific Fleet Andrei child, who only recently by the decision of the Vladivostok garrison military court had convicted. He was found guilty of forgery of results of analyzes of freon 114B2, which is used to extinguish fires on ships.

According to the same Sergey Bondar, the criminal case against A. Dityateva can be considered an echo of which occurred in the 2008 tragedy on a submarine. During the examination results were obtained, showing that in the Loch, except of freon 114B2, which owns 99.5%, was the third-party agent, which consisted of 64% of the totally cheap, but it is much more toxic tetrachlorethylene. At a time when the system was powered by, people began to lose consciousness specifically after the first breaths, fell, then came the death of asphyxiation caused by an acute shortage of oxygen. After the tragedy on a submarine "Nerpa" to the Pacific Fleet was tightened control over the quality of Extinguishing equipment.

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