From the history of car tires

From the history of automobile tiresNow such products as auto tires seem normal and ordinary. But the population of the earth had to go a long way before the first avtomobilnyaa bus came into being. It happened, if believe the patent in June 1846. The inventor of this device has some sovereign Thomas which offered to facilitate the movement of crew and reduce the noise which carried wood wheels traveling on the roadway. First bus had its own design everyday canvas fabric that soaked rubber resin. Outside the construction of complementary pieces of leather that have been designed not only to mitigate the course of the crew, and to extend the service life of the tire itself.

But the invention of Robert Thomson did not bring him fame in life. After Thompson died of his "air wheel" forgotten by as much as 15 years. Only in the late 80s of the 19th century, the tire has gained the second birth. His new "father" was the Scottish inventor John Dunlop. In 1888, he proposed to use the bicycle tire, which then began to be used in vehicles. Now this man's name is the world's largest company dedicated to the release of auto tires.

For a time, until the tire has evolved, there were more and more new ideas and configuration of tires. Now, thanks to technology run flat Car tires can hold up at speeds up to 80 km / h the car, even in this case, if the tire itself got a puncture or other similar damage. The pneumatic tire made according to such technology, it is possible to continue to move at a distance of fifty miles in this case car loaded, which is called the eyeballs. Specifically, the development of brand new run flat lets get to the coming tire, if under the hand of the driver was not a jack or a spare wheel, which could change the damaged.

Now than pneumatic tires, which all motorists have time to get used to consider other options. For example, Michelin has decided to amaze all special type of tire — Tweel. They even call the tire hard enough. The most apt analogy — it's a conveyor belt, which takes the form of relief. But the owners of vehicles still prefer the traditional pneumatic tires, which had time to prove itself over a number of years.

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