From the military to the police

The deputy of the State Duma Arkady Sarkisyan proposed change of school leavers officers, who usually get the post of district officers in the military, being reduced as a result of the reform of the army. President Dmitry Medvedev took a fancy to the idea, and he recommended it specifically to work. Arkady Sarkisyan truly believes that the main failure of the Interior Ministry — the corruption, because it offers its proposal to strike at the very foundation of the pyramid of corruption in the country, to bring order to the lowest echelons of police. In his view, this can assist in ex-military.

The district — This is the man which is at the forefront in dealing with the citizens of the country, particularly for many it is the face of the police. Specifically, on this basis, Arkady Sarkisyan, who served in his time in the Navy (he held at the time of dismissal position Chief of Staff of the base of the Baltic Fleet), offers a change of district officers at the age of 50 years of seniority over 20-25 years of age who have served in the army and vorachivayutsya to places of Appeal. According to the views of deputy these employees do not have to provide housing, because with the respective period of service they receive from the Ministry of Defence of the apartment.

According to the views of the deputy, in the course of such substitution can be an elite team of employees Interior Ministry, which at the genetic level devotion to the country and "imprisoned" for her service. That got a real combat experience in the hot spots and whose current cycle of service to the country will not be interrupted. Such precinct at Arcadia beliefs have real-world experience and ability to communicate with young people, excellent turn with the gun, know perfectly well the cost of human life, and because of that will take advantage of reverence Russians.

In the same sentence Sarkisian offers to save for the new precinct all titles produced for years of service, the right to receive "military" pension, which will be an additional incentive for them to work in the office of district. Apart from that member within its own initiative proposes to withdraw from the jurisdiction of the district police departments and regional offices MIA, and subject them to the heads of Police Public Safety. After that, says Arkady Sarkisyan, the local authorities are failing to provide pressure on the district, and they will become more perfectly address the prevention and the prevention of crimes. Almost member wishes to make of precinct workers control the level of the sheriffs in the United States or the chief of police of the royal Russia.

Having read the proposals of the deputy, President Dmitry Medvedev set the documents on its resolution "The idea is fascinating. Work through. Report back. " Thereafter, the paper went on tables profile ministers: Anatoly Serdyukov and Rashid Nurgaliyev.

The relevance of the deals out there will appreciate, because the country is in full swing reform of the army, a reduction in the official disk imaging gets a significant number of officer positions: from 355 thousand are going to reduce them to 150, ie, up to 15% of the size of the armed forces. The funny thing is that the "shrink" our army to 1 million people planned the past 20 years. The new "final" time to bring to an end the number in 2012.

If you believe the Department of Defense from 205 thousand downsizing officer positions are now about 40 thousand were free. With this in mind, a reduction is planned to send 165 thousand officers. And here there is a certain ministry in store strength. 7.5 thousand officers' positions are held by civilians lieutenants "dvuhgodichniki" all of them will be sent as a reduction of service, call them at the present time is one hundred percent discontinued. Conduct a relatively painless reduction posodeystvuyut and 35.8 thousand officers who already have gained the upper age limit of service. Anatoly Serdyukov promised that army parted with them only after the officers perform all obligations to provide first apartment. In this respect, the country is relatively well in 2009 and 2010, the military was given 100,000 apartments, the program, according to Dmitry Medvedev, will be one hundred percent realized in the coming 2 years. The main problem for the Ministry of Defense is short about 120 thousand still quite young officers, which will need to spend.

From the military to the police

For those who are used to build up in the reform only bad and screaming about lowering the efficiency of the army, it is worth recalling that the offices of lieutenants and ensigns in the main occupy NCO corps. They need to change about 105 thousand of free positions. With all of this training will go on three fronts: the part will be trained in special departments of higher educational institutions for a period of 2 years and 10 months, then they will be able to occupy positions of platoon commanders, senior technicians, chiefs of shops, other sergeants graduate school (training for a period of 5 to 10 months), it is planned that after the training they substitute for the posts of warrant officers, and still others for 5.5 months of graduate training centers and district commanders will become offices, settlements and military vehicles.

And wages in freshly army finally become worthy, according to the president Lt. in the Russian army in 2012, will receive 50,000 rubles. this month, the commander of the 150 to 180 thousand — and this is the means that are comparable with the salaries of the military in the west. Freshly baked sergeants receive not less than 20,000 rubles., Wages today's lieutenants. Peel the alarm can start only in this case, if the officers will be laid off, and sergeants still will not be prepared, but that of the final events is unlikely.

The idea of a retired military man, and now the deputy, certainly worthy of attention, but at the moment it is imposed the introduction of a number of amendments. So a proposal to send to the "sheriffs" officers with long service in 20-25 years, it seems quite incomprehensible. The assumption is that today's colonels, lieutenant colonels and majors at the age of 40 years suddenly go to the precinct itself a little surprising. Suffice it hard to imagine them for yourself running around the entrances and trap drug addicts. In general, this is equivalent to the use of the microscope as a hammer.

More fun it will be possible to offer for young officers lieutenants, senior lieutenants, for whom this will be a good continuation of a career, with the ability to continue to serve the motherland.

Proclamation focus on lower levels in the police hierarchy is commendable. Specifically, district, staff and faculty DPS are not the front lines of the battle against crime. But cutting our police almost everything goes through exactly these positions. In the world focuses specifically on prevention and the prevention of crimes, but here there is an obvious bias in favor of detection. For example, no one will touch the lieutenant of the criminal investigation, while the sergeant of the PPP or district will go under the cut. After that, our lieutenant is likely to reveal yet another serious bodily or theft of a mobile phone, but not if it was easier to try to prevent these crimes by sending to the streets, perfectly equipped by technical means patrols PPP ..

Reforms in the army and Interior Ministry, provide a wide scope for rationalization proposals and, most likely, the initiative
Arkady Sarkisyan will not be the last.

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