From the peak — to climb?

On the decline of Russian steps of his own biography Arseniyevsky plant produced in year 180 attack helicopters Mi-24. At the city-forming enterprise employs 17 thousand arsenevtsev. But then began the "dashing 1990s," the state order was set to zero, due to built helicopters went to the unit and enterprise Start slowly breathe. In the "zero decade," the situation is not actually changed. By 2007, the number of employees in the company was reduced to 3,500. But the situation has changed, almost all due to the measures of state support.

Who is the "progress" employs nearly six thousand people, and there are plans to increase the number of employees. The contract with the Defense Ministry on helicopters Ka-52 "Alligator". Until 2010, the Russian army will put more than 140 of these machines. In 2011, the two parties Ka-52 helicopters from Arsenyev have already arrived at the center in Torzhok army aviation and one of the air bases of the Eastern Military Area, where the "Gators" are pre-production operation.

We denote the completely real prospects with naval version of the Ka-52 to be placed on the acquired French helicopter carrier "Mistral". At least, general designer of "Kamov" Sergei Mikheyev, who visited plant in the days of the anniversary, said that the development work on the creation of a marine variant Ka-52 have already begun. Test pilots Kamov firm has completed trial planting land Ka-52 on the deck of "Mistral" (see "Aviapanorama» № 6-2009), and not so long ago made the first landing on the deck of a huge anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet. "Omoryachenny" Ka-52K also want to collect on "progress."

And, in addition, in Arsenyev in full swing preparing for mass production of upgraded light Mi-34C1, and advanced military helicopters middle class Ka-60 and its civilian counterpart Ka-62. The plant convinced that if there are appropriate orders for these helicopters, "Progress" is able to produce them in a hundred square meters year.

Under these objectives huge sums invested in the modernization of production. According to the Managing Director of "Progress" George Denisenko, the last couple of years enterprise actively developed, conducted all-encompassing modernization of production, Innovative use of modern technological processes, buy modern equipment, training of personnel is intense. For this purpose is oriented more than 3 billion rubles, and capital investments in the coming years will be doubled.

In Arsenyev, for example, commissioned a modern foundry equipment supplied by the Italian company IMF. Now such a foundry in Russia no one else there, and "Progress" is already streaked with particular precision iron billets for other companies helicopter industry.

Completes acquisition of new equipment shop precision machining. Sverhtehnologichny introduced such processes as laser cutting of materials, water jet cutting, machining of large parts. Purchased a unique tubular digester.
To increase the rate of production of helicopters at the plant equipment was replaced in the shop software processing details. It sets new turning and turning and milling centers of the German and Japanese firm DMG MAZAK, lathes CTX, modern control and measurement systems.

Company executives understand that work on the new equipment will be able to sverhtehnologichny only qualified experts at. For a lot of their training is done. Now a third of the employees — young old people up to 35 years. Over the past 4 years, the average age of workers has decreased from 48 to 43 years. For those young professionals who came in Arsenyev from all over the Russian Federation, renovated and equipped with everything necessary for living two dorms. There are plans for the construction of housing for young families.

Work on the revival of "Progress" is complex and it is, it seems, brings total. Over recent years, the prozvodstva up to 5 times. In 2009, revenues were $ 6 billion 622 million rubles, in 2010 it increased to 7 billion 890 million rubles, and in 2011 is expected to surpass the 14 million rubles.

Congratulating the anniversary of factory workers, leaders of the helicopter industry Andrei Reus, Dmitry Petrov, also the governor of Primorye Territory Sergey Darkin promised full support to the enterprise. Very hunt to believe that the company deserved posodeystvuyut to return to its former glory.

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