From the Varyag in Chi Lana. Chinas aircraft carrier saga

Certainly, there is little warships, which for my life had to go through so much "adventure" as the aircraft carrier "Riga". A string of nainteresneyshih events began in 1990, when the ship was renamed for the first time. He became known as the "Varyag". But under that naming him was not destined to join the Russian Navy. The Soviet Union collapsed and the contract between Russia and Ukraine aircraft carrier went last. In Kiev there was no ability to finish so difficult to ship, and 65-70 percent were construction freeze. Finally, in 1998, Ukraine sold the unfinished ship to China. In the past since the "Varyag" is not just a change of ownership, and given a new name. Since 2008, he is named Shi Lang («Shi Lang"). Now the fate of the ship looks to a specific and optimistic. For another change of name of the owner or should be expected.

From the "Varyag" in "Chi Lana."  China's aircraft carrier saga

Need to see the Chinese had a very lucrative deal. According to reports, the unfinished two-thirds ship was paid a total of 20 million dollars. This, of course, not free, but the price of the same building under a separate contract would be much higher. So that China could without much cost to get a good base for your own first aircraft carrier. Past "Riga" and "Varyag", now called "Shi Lan", was built in accordance with the Russian Project 1143.6. In a certain way it can be considered a direct "descendant" and the development of the Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov Russian." The design displacement of the ship is 60 thousand tons. The sizes of "Shi Lang" approximately comparable to the "Admiral Kuznetsov": the great length of the order of 305 meters and a maximum width of the flight deck of 75 meters. The power plant is like a ship in whole units, "Kuznetsov". This four steam-turbine plant 50 thousand horsepower either. The highest speed of the ship achieves 28-30 knots and a cruising range at economical fuel consumption is 8,000 nautical miles.

As for weapons carrier "Shi Lang" while Chinese does not apply. It is clear that in the main it will be similar to the instrument, "Admiral Kuznetsov", but while this should not be read as a fait accompli. Project 1143.6 provided equipment and aircraft carrier near barreled missile. Thus, defense against air and surface targets at short distances had to provide 6 30-mm automatic gun mounts AK-630. Other tasks were assigned to the air defense anti-aircraft missiles "Dagger" and "Dirk". In addition, the ship had set two rocket mortars RBU-12000 and 12 silos for anti-ship missiles "Granit". If artillery and anti-aircraft weapons and all so clear — it is in any case will be on the Shi Lang — the question of anti-missile likely not venture too far in their favor. The fact that China has so far not unique Russian / Russian "Granite". Because, according to a huge number of professionals, shafts for RCC, at least, will stand idle, if not entirely, or even have to be removed to free up additional space for other purposes.

As the base of aircraft armament "Shi Lan" is proposed carrier-based fighter Shenyang J-15. As it turned out in due time, in the middle of the two thousandth China bought from Ukraine is one of the most experienced samples of Russian aircraft T-10K, which is then "grown" in the modern Su-33. Accordingly, immediately there were suspicions on the subject of authorship Chinese fighter J-15. And the appearance of the aircraft also can not be anything else, except for a hint of Russian origin of Chinese palubnika. The version of the reverse-engineering of aircraft T-10K, if you take her for a theorem can shed light on the properties of the sample J-15. Although the outside of the respective Chinese departments no one can give guarantees that any features J-15 does not differ markedly from the Su-33.

From the "Varyag" in "Chi Lana."  China's aircraft carrier saga

But where is the huge question is not itself Chinese deck plane, a system to ensure it works on an aircraft carrier. Since the Shi Lang is a direct descendant "Admiral Kuznetsov", he also equip the take-off ramp. This part of the flight deck of aircraft helps to soar without help from the outside, but from its own engines. But without the help of others to sit on the deck, "Kuznetsov" or "Shi Lan" no plane until it is able to. For this aircraft needs assistance in the form of arresting gear. As you know, China has no such technology. A couple of years back Beijing has begun negotiations with the Central Research Institute of Marine Engineering and Proletarian factory for purchasing 4 arresting gear. The idea is that this would be enough for the full equipment of the aircraft carrier "Shi Lang". The negotiations came to nothing lead. The fact that the Russian side is referred to the special character of principle required the Chinese defense equipment. In addition, the cause of failure has served a number of nasty precedents sold technology to China was not used for the intended purpose, and as a reference for the respective copy without permission. What is now going to do in China — is unclear. Hardly any third country, able to build aircraft carriers, the Middle Kingdom will sell ready-arresting gear or technology of their production.

According to the latest data: The web site lined with photos confirming the presence of the arresting gear cables on the deck of the Chinese aircraft carrier Shi Lang (former "Varyag").

From the "Varyag" in "Chi Lana."  China's aircraft carrier saga
All photos can look here: Chinese Navy (PLAN) News & Discussions

We often hear that China is not able to do anything without the help of others, but only copies other people's creations. In this worldview, there is some truth and the ship "Shi Lan"Only confirms this. But in the "piggy bank" copying and borrowing other people's thoughts and experiences, you can make the next argument is not very recognizable. It is understood that the commander of the ship was assigned a certain Li Xiaoyan. About it clear not so much, but the data on the acquired education is. So, a couple of years back the captain, "Shi Lan" graduated from the Naval Academy. NG Kuznetsov. It is also understood that Li Xiaoyan thesis was devoted to the strategy carrier battle groups. It turns out that wi
thout zabugornogo — in this case the Soviet-Russian — experience in China can not even cook a captain. On the other hand, we have, in contrast to the Middle Kingdom, there is a certain experience in operating an aircraft carrier fleet. "Shi Lang", in turn, will be the first aircraft carrier in the fleet People's Liberation Army of China.

From the "Varyag" in "Chi Lana."  China's aircraft carrier saga

At the current time ship, which at one time had to stay and "Riga" and "Varyag" is tested. The adoption of an aircraft carrier "Shi Lan"In the system is scheduled for late summer 2012. And this fact is quite a lot of questions. Judge for yourself, there is no arresting gear, unique "Granite" is also relative to the aircraft J-15 in general there is virtually no details, and the ship is ready to start the service. The situation, at least, strange. But in the light of available disk imaging on the use of the former "Varyag" as a typical training ground for the development of all necessary technologies for the aircraft carrier fleet and abilities situation may be slightly clearer. At the same time, one resolved or at least a little to clarify the issue can seriously think about the others. For example, the reasons for the construction of an aircraft carrier. For example, Taiwan has once again expressed concern because of the increasing power of the Chinese Navy. According to the views of the official Taipei, "Shi Lang" China needs for the particular operation to seize Taiwan. But these statements can not be regarded as the basic version. In the end, no matter what the news of the success of China's defense industry is accompanied by the Taiwanese moaning.

Summarizing, we can provide that information on the use of "Shi Lan" for testing features of the aircraft carrier is the more plausible options for future developments. Most likely, this "study" will last until the end of the decade, by which time China will start construction of new ships of this class. Maybe even some indoor design office already in full swing working on a new project. So after 2020, we are fully able to behold the latest maritime power, which owns aircraft carrier fleet.

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