Fuego volcano in Guatemala spewing ash and lava

September 5. Fuego volcano, located 40 kilometers from the tourist town of Antigua Guatemala, on Tuesday threw out a column of ash into the air, and out of the crater on the surface of the lava flood. Following this, the government has issued a ban on air travel within a radius of 10 kilometers from the volcano.

Hyperactivity Fuego started to show on Monday. Then out of the crater to the atmosphere at a height of 1200 meters flood of volcanic gas.

David de Leon, a representative of the emergency services: "The eruption started in the morning, leaving some ash blanketed nearby villages. Some of smoke, recorded around the crater, reaching 1,200 meters. This has caused concern among local residents. At the moment, there is no need to evacuate. Activity is very similar to that observed in May and July. But this time the sound was much more substantial. "

With the smoke and ash volcano periodically erupts to a height of 100 meters of hot rock fragments. Its slopes down three active lava flows and volcanic ash covering the villages of the three Guatemalan departments.

Head of Emergency Response of Guatemala reported that, in the case of increasing danger, people will act in a pre-arranged plan.

Sergio Cabanas, head of emergency: "All communities have an evacuation plan. We talked with community leaders and local coordinators in each community that they can head to a safe area in the event of a widespread, intense eruption. From there, they can evacuate on the routes specified in the plan of action. "

In late May of this year, due to the activity Fuego Guatemalan Government was forced to close the two-lane highway for fear of contamination from molten lava, which had reached the base of the volcano.

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