Gambling let him go?

Gambling let him go?Our home now has to be a real paradise for gamers of all stripes. If you have 5-7 years back the number of gaming clubs where there were slot machines in our country is measured in tens of thousands, then some time, these gambling establishments together with the casino and roulette were shut and go underground. In recent years, only one Russian capital conducted hundreds of raids representatives of the Interior Ministry and other law enforcement agencies who were involved in the identification of points where the intensity continues to operate gambling halls. One of the most sensational cases near term is the so-called "business suburban prosecutors" who were suspected of having links with the owners of patronizing illegal casinos and gaming clubs.

One of the defendants in the criminal case was the resounding Alexander Ignatenko, photo which at one time were all vserasprostraneny Russian news agencies. On the last of these photos (at the time — acting) first zam.prokurora Metropolitan area captured in the organizer of a large network of suburban underground casino Ivan Nazarov. After the start of inspections revealed that the emperor Nazarov had the opportunity to conduct their own illegal business just because certain people in the prosecutor's office were not clean at hand and adored receive significant gifts for their services, "protection racket" of gambling. Nazarov said the investigation carefully about the principle on which the circuit works, and it's beginning to gain momentum. Followed by the first arrests and dismissals. It seems that it will take quite a bit of time, and the corrupt, "raspberry", is reaping the fruits of the illegal gambling business in Russia, will be finished.

But time passed, and the case is starting to slip more. Said the emperor Ignatenko was one of the resorts in Poland, where he managed to keep the local police. But while Warsaw is in the deepest meditations about what is to issue Ignatenko Moscow or not worth it. In the meantime, the Polish representatives of the Ministry of Justice are thinking what to do with a former Russian prosecutor, in the case of Russia itself completely stalled. Despite the testimony of Ivan Nazarov which made a deal with the investigation, the majority of criminal cases against the former servants of the law, implicated in a corruption scandal, closed or reversed.

February 9 proceeds stay in custody and of the Ignatenko. After that, the Poles in general it can be released, on the basis that our homeland is not particularly trying to bring the case to court.

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