For many of our fellow citizens has become a common web environment in order to while away your free time. Someone visits a social networking page, hoping to find a new companion. And someone chooses entertainment portals, so plenty to see a lot of humorous stories, read the freshest funny stories or listen to music. Someone chooses portals devoted family prazdnichkom where one can meet new fashion trends, suggestions for the organization of celebrations: wedding photography, preparing bouquets wife's wedding limousine hire and much more.

But in the middle of a larger percentage of young people, as statistics show, the Web users are active players. If you see the classes of games that are played by young people today, they are:

1. "Strategies". They need on the basis of a chain of logical operations to achieve a certain result, organize certain society, united by one goal. In most strategy computer games one can divided into two sectors: economic and military. The first allows a certain kind of business in order to obtain capital, and the second may allow these funds simply to win, just like in real life.

2. Games for beautiful girls and ladies. These games are the ones where you need to create some virtual world. In such a world, one can equip personal life: Look for other (boyfriend), to organize their marriage, inviting numerous guests to converse with her friends, attend prestigious boutiques. We must not forget that at some stage these games can claim to make you real money in order to continue their virtual life.

3. "Shoot." Such games are often put in the category of psychologists are not completely positive. After all, a gaming product has a rather bloody plot. One can move around the streets and using the latest types of small tools to deal with those who did not come to you liking. In such games, and incitement to violence can be heard quite often.

In general, what kind of person would not play toys, whatever portals on the Web is not used, the main thing to learn to be yourself. In modern medical universities began to appear even whole areas of research psychological abnormalities associated with gambling on the Web.

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