Game development by Valve — Dota 2

Game development by Valve - Dota 2

The real game hit 2012 promises to be a game Dota2. For fans of this strategy game can provide a huge amount of multi-functional new products that allow to develop analytical thinking in the management units. The basic principle of the game — finding a good strategic vectors of development of this system, one of whose members is a unit user. The game Dota 2 units usually called heroes.

Yet in the past year, the company Valve not only announced a new product in a series of DotA, and the network has released a beta version, which could take part in the lucky ones who received a special key to access the game. At the end of 2011 about 4 thousand people received the keys to Valve and were able to take part in a large-scale Batlle in the beta version of the game Dota-2.

Scenario games can seem pretty ordinary to those who already had the pleasure to play in the first version of the strategy — Dota1 or, as it is often referred to as DotA. According to the scenario of the game two opposing teams are participating. First team has positioned itself as the light forces. It consists of 5 players managing their heroes. These characters are able to increase their own level with vital income. Earnings goes to the formation of the power advantages of using a variety of tools. These instruments are purchased for gold, which in portions is the actual currency in transactions. Gold, as promised by the developers of the Valve, can be earned and winding up of units of a competitor.

Second command is one of the dark forces. The eternal conflict between the forces of light and the forces of darkness is implemented in the latest game story that promises to stir up the Web almost spring 2012.

Game developed by South American programmers and designers, because has the usual strategies for active brutal design and a number of so called gaming stamps, which will be perceived by the painfully familiar to experienced gamers — admirers of games in the strategy genre.

The main goal of the game Dota 2 — liquidation brain structure in the enemy base. During combat operations collisions take place between units and forces, controlled by a computer. With all of this from the computer you should not expect mercy, if hero Team will face the enemy. Here everything is geared for the real confrontation with all that it implies.

Management of the heroes is a mouse, and with the help of hot keys. For those new software application allows you to pass the test session.

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