Game of Shadows: WikiLeaks exposes the shadow CIA

Game of Shadows: WikiLeaks exposes the "shadow CIA"

February 27, 2012 at the notorious website WikiLeaks began publishing the data created for a narrow circle of people. Now in the hands of Julian Assange got furtive electric personal correspondence U.S. intelligence company Stratfor, which in certain circles, better known as the "shadow" or "private" by the CIA.

The network got an unlimited number of classified disk imaging, namely, data on 75 thousand credit cards with all the necessary details (names, addresses, codes), about 860 thousand addresses and names of people who were and are the clients of the CIA, and more than 200 GB of secret correspondence.

At present, there is a version that hacking the server of the company performed hackers anarchists, we have our own public organization. Some experts at inclined to think that this involved some anarchists are united by anti-globalization goals. Recall that in June 2011 led to the activities of hackers hacking the server of Arizona Department of Public Safety, and after a number of days they fell websites of the Brazilian government and Petrobras.

Quite a long time it was unclear which side running "shadow CIA", on what criteria and for whose benefit. Until 2011, the title company is very rarely mentioned in the media disk imaging, but in themselves enough journalistic materials often arise as a reference to geopolitical issues.

The company Stratfor was based in the 1996 and early access to the entire disk imaging, which was located on the website of the company, was completely free. The company's management has decided that could take money for services rendered exclusively in 1999, after acquiring the status of a severe intelligence think tank. And the status of this was the result of start-up programs from Kosovo Crisis Center, in which ahead of news outlets published material about the real situation in Kosovo. In the same year, the company's activities received the highest rating in the magazine Time.

Apart from the placement of the material in the public domain, the company is, of course, perceived orders and for the exclusive analytics. In the article published in the same journal Time in 1999, attributed to the company's clients engineering company McDermott International, operating in North and South America and the Middle East. In the middle of a client called and Fortune 500 companies larger in terms of income (though the titles of companies has not been named). Disk imaging relative to the price of services Stratfor also was provided. In 2001, the newspaper Barron's, and which gave the company the title of "shadow CIA," published an article in which figured the amount of 40 thousand dollars. Specifically, such a sum, according to the views of journalists, customers pay the company for the exclusive benefit of annual giving analysts. But the success of the special agency employees have gained in the course of events to find Osama bin Laden. Specifically, they were able to find a Pakistani doctor who issued the position and favorite "Al-Qaeda". They say that during that George Friedman, founder of the company, has received 25 million dollars, in other words, exactly half of the award that is promised to the South American government for the head militants. Moreover, the company has a standard DNA, fingerprints and photos of the dead terrorist, although officially it was reported that his body was dumped in the waters of the Persian Gulf.

George Friedman believes a prerequisite of success in their own approach to the light of the world situation, which is largely different from that of the media. According to him, the main difference is that the experts at his organization not only answer the questions, "What? When? Who? How? and Where? ", but also predict the future situation and say, why is this way and not in another. For instance, according to Friedman, his intelligence by using this approach to predict the war in Georgia in 2008.

Friedman also believes that is radically different and working with sources. While the agency's analysts and spend a large amount of materials from open sources and at the same time use their own informants for disk imaging, journalists often just go on about their own sources and simply regurgitate the information. In addition, Stratfor with a huge grain of salt even applies to senior officials.

Friedman points out that his team is more independent than journalists, though WikiLeaks raises huge swings that independence.
Information regarding the company, handed Assange hackers from Anonymous, who hacked and the agency website in December last year.

According to WikiLeaks, which has appeared in their correspondence razvedkompanii sheds light on her informants (representatives of the U.S. government, intelligence agencies and journalists), money laundering schemes, structure, cash flow, as on the psychological impact that use the company's employees.

According to Assange, the publication of classified data can be compared with Stratfor company Enron Corporation, which went bankrupt in 2001 after it was revealed information that financial reports were falsified to mislead investors. But to judge how justified such a comparison, it will be possible after all correspondence will be placed, and that more than 5 million emails over the period 2004-2011.

As of today, the head of WikiLeaks particular concern is the fact that the agency was gathering information about the civilian organizations on the instructions of large companies. Specifically, he mentions Stratfor cooperation with the U.S. chemical company Dow Chemical Company. In 2001, this company bought the Indian Union Carbid, plant, which in 1984 took manmade tragedy. In addition, employees of Friedman collecting information on activists who wanted to force the management company to pay damage from the disaster, which killed 18 thousand people. In the middle of the company's clients are also called Raytheon — supplier of the Ministry of Defense of America, Lockheed Martin — the biggest enterprise of the military-industrial complex in the world, which has most of the orders the Pentagon, Northrop Grumman — South American military-industrial company, and Marine Corps, the Ministry of State Security, air force, police Miami, as the big banks.

Fascinating is the fact that after the publication of the agency disk imaging revealed that one of the clients was an employee of Stratfor Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation outside Lena Vavilov, who worked in America, and that was one of the things figurantok "Russian spies".

In 2010, according to Friedman, a strong interest in his company showed another "Russian spy" — Donald Heathfield, aka Andrey Bezrukov. He Tipo contacted the agency with a request to test software developed by his company, but was refused. According to Friedman, this Makar Heathfield tried to get into their database.

What still concerns not so long ago placed in WikiLeaks materials, the Russian government is very intriguing references to Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, who passed on the documents as RU101, and was listed as the informant of high-end (which meant a high degree of confidence). So, namely Gull spoke of the struggle between clans and about what means this fight is. In addition, he said, and about how these clans maintain the balance of power, with all this while continuing the fight for resources and

It is clear that immediately after the occurrence of a similar disk imaging representatives of the General Prosecutor's Office issued a denial, calling embarrassing information provocation of Western intelligence agencies who for some reason are interested in retired prosecutor.

In addition, the documents Stratfor there information relatively more of the 1st Russian agent — of a military code-naming of RU153, which said that in Russia there are 5 teams that are armed with missiles "Iskander". He also provided evidence that these complexes have been used in the Ossetian-Georgian conflict in 2008.

So Makar, to assess the significance of disk imaging drain to the public is not real. In the meantime, company Stratfor restores the system after a break-in and tries to convince its own clients is that this will not happen again.

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