Generic Memory and Memory Enhancement

There comes a time when anyone who follows the way understands and acknowledges that the trust written sources, in which the enemy can easily implement their information and the more trust people who claim to be the teacher and priest while speculating on the shrine, a decoupling mezhSlavyanskie war — already not like before.
Such a person, how would open the eyes. Become clear the obvious, which he had seemed to notice. The books — there is no truth. It must either look so much that can go on and life is .. And whether, if all the information we need is already within us.
Creator it is encrypted in the mental structure of man is called generic memory, and Memory Enhancement Races.

Generic Memory is a unique experience all Rod individual. In disclosing this type of memory, the individual is able to use a "piggy bank," a kind of knowledge — the skills, information, strength of many generations of ancestors of this individual. Those who were able to invest in this priceless treasury of Generic Spirit unique experience. This may be a subconscious knowledge of any form of activity — construction, embroidery, painting ..
Ancestral Spirit stores archetype Rod is his image. Children with strong patrimonial Spirit, no longer have any ties generations are very similar to their parents, grandparents, great-grandparents ..

Racial Memory — Memory is at the Races. All that happened with the race, throughout its development cycle and degradation. This is a unique experience errors and overcoming them. The whole history of the race, in memory cells zapechetlena total Spirit Race.

Memory Enhancement — is the most extensive libraries of experiences, knowledge and information.
The soul, during its evolution, and the Way, is born and is embodied in a completely different in its nature and composition of the worlds. Both physical and subtle material. Last much longer. In these worlds, she gains experience and develops. Teach new lessons and "fills bumps." For a lot of millions of years and a series of incarnations, the soul for the sake of accumulation of personal experience, is born not just in one race or civilization, but also in different types of biological and energetic life forms. This experience, which is much larger and more substantial in scale and commensurate with Eternity ..

Being born in our time — the time of Kali Yuga and the oblivion of Truth and Pocono nepomnyu and we do not have the possibility to use these kinds of Memory. This happens OGTT that mind and soul of man, striving for material things and the world. Merzot sediment that settled on the Soul (lies, hatred, cruelty, hypocrisy, lust, drugs, nicotine, alcohol, even in small doses ..) will not let her wake up and feel the reality and the reality of this world. Soul wanders and be in the world of illusion. In an artificial matrix.

To awaken these unique types of memory, we need to throw off the shackles of the illusory world, which has influence us through the mass brainwashing, expressed in the media, food, occult rituals that firmly hold the Soul in the lower earthly plane .. To awaken the memory of these species, we need to turn our eyes and find the strength to live according to the canons of morality and spiritual purity is living in harmony with nature, its flora and fauna, life in truth and conscience, respect and reverence of Rod and relatives, Chastity, cultivating true virtue the inherent Slavic Rodham — generosity, love, respect, openness, kindly ..
Our gods and ancestors left us characters and characters that carry the energy of the Cosmos, and also contribute to the early awakening ancestral memory. This is primarily svastichnye symbols and signs. Work and study of Runes can greatly help the soul to find integrity, understand and recall myself, for Runes — it is a gift and blessing of our race and kind!
The study of aboriginal heritage and life in truth, the call of conscience and the Spirit reveals to us all the memory and opens the gate to the world of the gods!

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