Girl drinks liters of petrol


Twenty years into daily American drinks 12 spoonfuls of gasoline. American can not live without gasoline, which she drinks every day. Although Shannon knows that this abnormal addiction can kill her, refuse to accept the gasoline inside it can not, writes The Daily Mail.

According to the girl, she drinks a day up to 12 teaspoons of fuel. "At first I feel a tingling sensation and then my throat starts to burn, — Shannon said in a television interview. — Though I hurt because of this I feel good."

Typically, Shannon licks the cover gas canisters. But the more she likes to drink straight from the can, "I unscrews the lid and inhale the vapors."

In total, calculated as journalists over the past year Shannon drank almost 23 liters of fuel. Doctors warn that it is deadly dangerous to use gasoline can cause burns, vomiting, diarrhea, drowsiness and even death.

Shannon — not the only one who suffers from a rare passion for inedible things. Little Natalie Hayherst of the U.S. state of Indiana loves to eat rocks and sticks and pieces of brick. She even ate a light bulb, and then the girl's parents were forced to seek emergency medical attention. Care that Natalie had not eaten anything deadly, clock watching his mother, father and her older brother, Andrew.

Nicholas FADEEV

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