Go East

Go EastProblem gain Asian exposure RF was the first time voiced serious power in July last year. Then Dmitry Medvedev announced the start of development of the respective strategy that would first reflect economic tasks, focusing on the development of Siberia and the Far East.

As you know, in 2012, the area of the Russian Federation for the first time will host a summit of APEC. Chairmanship in the organization of our country at the moment can be very useful: it could substantially strengthen the position of in the region. This is particularly pressing issues in today's criteria, when the center of the world economy shifts toward the Asia-Pacific region. Chairmanship of in the APEC, of course, will make a definite contribution to the development Siberia and the Far East. But against the background of the rapid development of China's significant strengthening our country's position in the region has not been observed. All the same, a no progress yet available.

It must be said that the Russian Federation has been achieved in the region of certain political success: we got into all the integration associations operating in the Asia Pacific region. In 2010, Our homeland took part in the forums "Asia-Europe", and last November for the first time acted as a member of the East Asia Summit. So Makar, promote political base in the region to the true Russian initiatives already created.

With all of this our homeland, in contrast to the same China, the region does not have significant financial resources to hand out grants and loans. Moreover, in the military sense, we give in here impartially Yankees, who have long been in the Asia-Pacific region a strong network of military bases. In this regard, the recent Our homeland, being the core of the Eurasian integration, maybe there will be obliged to confine the role of a bridge linking between Asia-Pacific and the European Union. This role is, of course, a very serious and fundamental for the Russian Federation, but limited only to her, of course, does not follow.

The main task of the Russian Federation in the region appears to prevent a further transformation of our country into a raw materials appendage. In this sense, all the acts of the Russian Federation aimed at increasing exports of military-industrial complex in the region, and to deepen cooperation in the field of peaceful nuclear energy. Other major areas of growth of non-oil exports to Asia-Pacific region is not yet released.

One of the most difficult problems, faced by the Russian Federation in connection with access to the Asia-Pacific market — hitch poor infrastructure. Even in this case, if our homeland wish to become a leading supplier of raw materials and energoelementov in the region, it is simply not enough existing infrastructure capacity. Analyst Mike RusEnergy Krutikhin: "While the" Gazprom "for the past 10 years trying to reach China from the European gas prices, Beijing has already built a new gas pipelines from Central Asia and Myanmar, one hundred percent satisfied their demand for gas."

Initiatives to address infrastructure problems were put forward many times very different forces. This is read as both politicians and business representatives. The introduction of a tax-free economy in the area of Far East, and in the future, and Siberian Federal Districts offers LDPR. This was one of the main Fri applets party in the last election. According to the views of the Liberal Democratic Party, a similar step could cause a spike in the region's economy, the criteria which the solution infrastructure prepyadstviya significantly simplified. On the transformation of Siberia and the Far East "region of" read and one of the wealthiest businessmen in Russia Oleg Deripaska. He believes that companies in these regions should provide significant benefits that could provoke the influx of people there and it would solve numerous prepyadstviya, including an infrastructure and logistics. Unfortunately, these groundbreaking initiatives are not included in the government strategy towards the region.

It is unrealistic to ignore the fact that in just 20 years, some deaf little town on the border of China and Russia turned into a thriving town. The dynamism with which the development of our eastern neighbors, can not but cause concern and did not immediately raises questions about the severity of the challenges facing our Far East. Quite obviously that Far East — One of the biggest potential growth points not only on the ground RF, and throughout the world. In order to become a noticeable player in the Asia-Pacific region, which is our homeland should develop its own Far East, these difficulties are completely interdependent.

In today's step, when the international division of labor assigns us the role of resource-based economy, this role should not hinder the development. Natural resources and export them literate, with a corresponding infrastructure capacity is a big competitive advantage, and which must be used for the development of poor and high technology innovations.

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