Go there for the benefit of the Russian Federation in respect of written-off foreign debts?

Go to benefit the Russian written off debts to foreign countries?On the old days there was information that our homeland since 2008, wrote-off $ 20 billion of debt (amount in U.S. dollars) to African countries. These data were presented from the platform of UN General Assembly head of international relations of the Department of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Sergeyev. Apart from the impressive amount written off Russian Government made the 50 millionth fee (also in dollars) in a specially made at the Global Fund for Bank of the poorest countries in the world. Our homeland financially encouraged educational, medical, and public projects on the ground of a number of African countries, implementing, including joint and applets. If we consider only one educational sphere, now about 4 thousand students from different countries in Africa are trained in Russian higher education institutions on a free basis, in other words, at 100% strength financing of Russian budget.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman sovereign Sergeyev said that, do not assume the debts written off donated Africa. In fact it is a typical exchange of debt relief for developing applets, which can take a role and Russian representatives, including representatives of the private business. Writing off a debt came due to the fact that Africa Tipo still own the debt of the Russian Federation will not be able to pay, and that means you need to find other ways of contacts. By the way, the words of the impossibility of debt repayments by the various states in respect of RF We have heard with surprising regularity. And each time as a justification expressed the same idea: they say, it all came back a hundredfold, do not skimp …

In general, the outlook is drawn quite blissful: we write off the debt, our business and municipal structures Africans here admit to their area, so that our homeland has participated in large-scale projects of various spheres of activity. And then, as it were, our homeland should not simply return to itself multi-billion dollar funds invested in Africa, and to increase the impact of their own generosity.

It would seem that we only get pocket calculators and count all the benefits of a decent write-off of debt, equal to, for example, 20 (!) Budget expenditures or Kursk, Bryansk regions for 2012 year.

But before you get too excited by yet another manifestation of fraternal friendship to the African people, the situation with the hunt to see how managed to write-off the debts translate into promising business projects in different areas of the acceptors Russian (Russian) foreign currency investments. We will not delve into Soviet history, and pay attention to the new Russian time (since 1991).

So, in the last few years, our homeland has written off debts to foreign countries in Asia and Africa (excluding the write-off of the last) to the amount that the most of thumb is 75 billion dollars. The largest amount of the debt was written off in such states as North Korea (about 10 billion. Dollars), Mongolia (11.1 billion. Dollars), Afghanistan (about 11 billion dollars. Dollars), Vietnam (10 billion. Dollars), Syria (10 billion. dollars), Iraq (8 billion. dollars). As you can see, the Asian continent was pretty intense sponsor for the Russian budget. Africa has got smaller, but the latest news says that this continent is yet to come …

So now, if you pay attention to those countries that are our homeland writing off their debts, then, is that Syria be referred to the state, which has stated and continues to claim necessarily a friendly position on the Russian Federation. Not a lot of bloody civilian before the war in that State on its territory was, indeed, a sufficient number of joint projects, of which the Russian side has removed some profit. In this case, the write-off of debt still can be called a strategic and fully justified.

If you pay attention to the other countries for which Our homeland has shown unprecedented generosity, that some of them may be a stretch to call insolvent.

Namely, in 2000, debt in the amount of 10 billion dollars was written off Vietnam. And this country can hardly be had even in the years to call openly insolvent. Now the growth of Vietnam's economy ahead of Russian economic growth, let alone a ten-billion Hanoi could allow myself to find out, speak out so that internal reserves. In all likelihood, write-off Vietnam benchmark debt in 2000 was supposed to serve as some act of good will to the official Hanoi, so it was possible to extend the lease of military base in Cam Ranh. According to the Soviet-Vietnamese treaty, Moscow had the opportunity to exploit "Kamran" gratuitous. But Russian alliance broke up, and in 1991 became the rent, tell them so, not entirely free. "It is not entirely free of charge" rent was supposed to end in 2004, when Vietnam could claim payment for the use of this military base. Moscow write-off of debt Vietnamese, although the national debt of the Russian Federation to calculate the amount of the time, close to 50% of GDP. But the move to any progressive arrangements do not lead. Base "Kamran" drifted out of our hands, and who is to povinet, and that it was necessary to do to the base remained Russian — the question of discharge dangling in the air … Well, in 2002 the Russians learned that the country simply can not afford In fact, to a military base in the far include Vietnam. Means and, although it was only slightly, and so in military matters, of course, remain, but most of the civilian withdrawal from Cam Ranh perceived as something tribute.

By the way, Vietnam, according to some reports, the Russian Federation offered to pay 300 million dollars in year, but in Russia it is perceived or how ungrateful for debt relief, or whatever, but eventually many converged on the outlook, "and did not need us military base in Cam Ranh Bay, some of her troubles …"

In 2008, Our homeland withdraws about 4.5 billion dollars of Libya. It would seem that all is clear: due to the then management were such as documents on Russian weapons supplies to Libya signed without unnecessary delay, and joint projects for hydrocarbons were also working on the plan. But here, suddenly finds himself the West that in Libya, it turns out, the anti-democratic regime that Libya is an urgent need to democratize … With all this democratization has passed so that no trace of joint projects with Russia in Libya, left, of the written-off debt forgotten, and Moscow general reincarnated for "democratic" Libya's capital, hostile country, which until recently did not hoisting the flag of the newest power in the Libyan embassy building. In general, debt cancellation, and there was not a push for new and mutually beneficial relations between the countries. About write-off in Tripoli and Benghazi simply forgotten.

In 2008, Our homeland decides to write off Iraq's 8-billion debt. And here, again, shows a certain strangeness. Well, Iraq does not correspond to the notion of the poorest countries in the world. And if it does not, then why such a decent debt write-off carried out?

But in the case of Iraq, all the same to the Russian Federation is a positive thing associated with joint trade projects that were implemented only quite recently (still on paper). Refers to the signing of Russia and Iraq a series of contracts for the purchase of the latest Russian weapons. The total value of these contracts is more than 4 billion dollars to purchase weapons from Russian Federation (the s
ystem "Armour-C1 ', MiG-29M/M2, Mi-28NE, air defense systems and armored vehicles). This fact is also triggered a wave of disapproval in the West, they say, like so … we democratize Iraq, and its management contracts with Russia … That's no good! And so after the announcement of the conclusion of contracts with Iraq, Russia is also activated by the United States and said that may be completely without the help of others to cover all the needs of Iraq's planes, helicopters and armored vehicles, air defense systems and other types of weapons, stating the amount of contracts to 12 billion. bucks. And if our homeland and then give way, then we can say that the typical cash and a nod to a debt write-off will also become commonplace silly gift to the country that could fully pay off the debts.

As many questions and to write off the debts for other states. After the cancellation of debt DPRK Pyongyang offered to participate in a joint project of laying Trans-steel road to ports in South Korea, are also on the construction of power transmission line from Russia to South Korea through North Korea's terrain. But so far none of these business projects and not a speech. Not enough that the media give voice to the DPRK position control of the country, which promises to put a bit if any nuclear attack on Seoul if he did not finish the "dirty insinuations" against the North Korean people. What really is the steel road … What kind of power strip here …

And the Afghan debt write-off in 2007, also hardly be referred to as an example of strategic thinking in terms of joint business projects. If we consider that after 2014 in power in this country is likely to be again the Taliban or the same forces that are with them in cramped communications, the 11-billion-dollar gift from the Russian Federation too quickly forget … Well, who else remembers this about? Or it's "imperial ambitions", "suffocation of democratic ideals" or "Russian colonization" — it will cultivate a very, very long time, but the fact that the means of Russian (Russian) taxpayers were decent gift for the local economy — is rapidly forgotten.

In general, to build partnerships and entangle themselves with bonds of friendship can generally write off all debts and hopes that the "partners" Give us some preferences. But, guided by the facts of history nedavneshney debt relief, it is unlikely you can read that preferences for Russia in these countries necessarily manifest themselves.
In this regard hunt to think that after all the repeated statements of the debt write-off to various countries of the world, as are the write-down, have a strategic goal but are not obvious manifestation is not enough understandable political and economic largesse. As you know, the road is lined with good intentions at all in paradise …

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