Gods commandments

Commandments of God Svarog

1. Read each other's son — her mother and father, a husband and wife live together in harmony.

2. On uniform wife husband should encroach — otherwise you will not find salvation.

3. Run away from falsehood and follow the Truth, honor your Rod and Rod Heaven.

4. Read you three days a week — the third, seventh and ninth. Read a great holiday. Therefore ought to fast all the people in the third and on the seventh day. If anyone in the ninth day of work — it will not spoil him or by lot, or a talent in other days without blemish. Day Seven men, cattle, and fish — to rest given, rest is solid. Each other go, love each other, you will be glad — Sing songs to the gods.

5. Read Lent, from the burning of madder and before the wedding Jiva. Beware of people at this time Krivda, keep strictly from eating belly, arms ripped off, from hula — mouth.

6. Read the egg after egg Koshcheev that our Dazhdbog broke, causing a flood.

7. Read the Holy Week — as we grieved Dazhdbog from crucifixion to rescue swan Jiva, and you mourn humbly. And do not drink intoxicating drink, do not tell pejorative!

8. Read Kupaly days. Remember the victory Perunova as Perun won Skipera beast and his sisters as he has given the freedom, how to clean them in the waters of Iria.

9. Read Perunov day. As Perun in the fifth day of Diva wooed as Perun Sea King defeated and overthrown from heaven raging Velez, remember and Perunova wedding!

10. Read the Lada-Mother and Rod Heaven. Clans of the Great Race patrons and descendent of heaven.

11. After the harvest of his, recalled Assumption Zlatogorki, read Volha Zmievicha day, the son of Indra, Jasna Falcon.

12. Read the day-Mokos Mother, Radiant Great Mother, the Heavenly Virgin.

13. Read and day Tarh Dazhdbog — recalls his marriage.

14. Read Great Ingle and Gods yours, which are the messengers of God Family of One.

15. Read aging and protect Mladost, learn wisdom, that you left your ancestors.

16. With other types live in harmony, help when asking for your help.

17. Do not spare the stomach to protect his house, to protect their clans and their most holy faith, to protect the Holy Land mine.

18. Do not force people to the holy faith by force, and remember that the choice of faith a private matter of a free man.

19. PASKHET read and remember the passage of fifteen Daarija in Russenia as Sixteenth Summer Our ancestors praised Rod Heaven, for the salvation of the Great Flood.

20. Live in union with nature, not destroy it, because it supports life and your entire race live.

21. Do not take the victim's blood on Alatyr not your wrath of the gods, for the disgusting for them to take the blood of the innocent creatures of God.

22. Protect your mighty hand, temple and sanctuary, help in every way, you're all wanderers and templars that keep the secret of the ancients, the word of God, the Word of the wise.

23. Do not eat food with blood, for ye shall be as a wild beast, and many diseases dwell in you. You eat pure food that grows on your fields, forests and orchards your own, then you will find many of the forces, the forces of light and does not overtake you ailments, disease and suffering with the suffering.

24. Do not cut your brown Vlas, Vlas different, but with gray hair, for God's wisdom is not comprehend and healthy lose.

25. Educate the children's father to daughters, teach them to righteous life, bring you into their hard work, respect for Mladost and reverence for old age. Sanctify them in the faith and life of the Holy Wisdom of the Ancestors.

26. Not boast of his strength to the weak, and they were afraid to praise you, and then gained glory and power in the battle with the gate of.

27. Do not testify falsely against your neighbor, saved from the mouth of your blasphemy.

28. Be creative to do good, but for the glory of Heaven, Rod, and your great ancestors and your holy land.

29. Which acts are doing you people are and you also to them, for every act of his measure faces off.

30. Bestow a tenth of your income to the One God, and one-hundredth of the leader and his retinue, that they guard your own land.

31. Do not reject the unknown and unexplained, but try to know the unknown and explain the inexplicable, for Gods help longing to know wisdom.

32. Do not take the life of your neighbor, because you do not give it, and God, but do not spare gate of lives that are attacking you and your land, for ONET went against God's will.

33. Do not accept gifts, and retribution for actions that you created with a gift from God, and for your good deeds, for God's gift to you will be gone, and this is not no rumor that good doing.


Commandments Lada Virgin

1. Blessed Svarog firstborn Rod, yes combined Union Family in Summer wisdom.

2. That of women, koiya denies her husband and Rhoda him unworthy of being a mother and she did not come to know the happiness and joy in their lives, but merely a bitter loss.

3. If koiya Mother denies children of their own, in the throes of birth, then she shall find no peace in his heart, not in the World Reveal or in the world, Navi, and Svarga Pure forever hidden from her.

4. Yes Mother invest any soul, but in all his actions, and he do in his house, Peace, and Joy Ladnost.

5. Let not the daughter of God denies the debt before Rod will not turn from birth children over liabilities to the race.

6. Yes reigns in the Union Family Lad only the love, and do not comprehend that the Union Family troubles, hard times and loss.

7. Live, people in the Soviet Union with nature vozmnozhaya it rather than ruining it.

8. Yes daughter conceive of God in the family unit of his betrothed wife, and love, be sure to check out it, as God is the protector of their clans.

9. Yes conceive the son of God in the family unit and his betrothed wife to love to read it as a Goddess homemaker and a continuer of his clans.

10. Keep your family unit. Blessed by the gods, in times of joy and in times of bitter, and may the gods help you light, and will multiply your generations old.

11. Watch out, the daughter of God, with brown izmalstva Vlas — the honor of their fathers, to braid their Vlasov blond tresses in wonderful clothes on their Beregin.

12. Wake up you dream mapping with Clear Sunny, retired guide you Clear Stars.

13. Yes arrive in Intrapartum youngest son of parents, and he has his parents in the days of old, tacos as they kept him in the days of Mladost.

14. If your in the glorious old, more than six daughters, the better you will become related to the mighty Rod, in no more than six sons. And this will strengthen your grace Kinship ancient and glorious throughout your generations.

15. More children will be in your Rodach, the more love, joy and happiness will remain in your Rodach, for your children strengthen your generations and lead them to greatness and prosperity.

16. Never forget, the children of the Great Race, the gods, the protector of you, and all Sorts of Sorts your ancestors, for all the gods of the patron and the wise ancestors of yours, is the mighty roots Sorts your, source of life and prosperity of your Clans.


Commandments of Odin

1. Yes there will be a family union between the events into a single Lethe but born in a single day and One Hour.

2. The greatest and priceless jewels in the world — is the sword, conscience and wisdom. Everything else will not bring prosperity Rod.

3. Take possession of all the arts and ancient wisdom that store your Childbirth initially, and learn of ancient art and wisdom of other nations, but not to all teach other people.

4. Remember that for a drink from the source of Ancient Wisdom do not mind and give your eyes, for charge of runes without eyes seeing.

5. Do not open the Secret of the Runes to other people, because they use the ancient secret wisdom and the greatest force of nature against you and your Clans.

6. Each deceased is to be sent to the Celestial World on Fire Boat or the great fire Croda, and good it must rise on the ship or Croda. For everyone to come in Volhallu so good, who was with him at the stake, and use the fact that he had buried in the earth.

7. The ashes of the deceased have to throw in the water of a river or the sea, or by collecting a jar buried in the ground, and in the memory of the people who need Veda Barrow, and all people should be put Worth Memorial Stone.

8. In early winter ought to bring bloodless sacrifice to the gods of the ancient received crop, in the middle of winter — for spring germination, in the middle of Spring — for the victory.

9. Every true man of any ancient clan must know that conscience and Sword have a child to protect.

10. Impermissible to forgive someone who intentionally commits evil for evil, without discipline, multiplied, and the blame for the increase of their evil lies on the person who committed the evil left unpunished not lead him to the right judgment of God.

11. Always be steadfast and resolute in battles with the gate of, and did not let go of his sword, protecting its ancient Births and following the right path to eternal Volhally Halls.

12. Do not let people, the eternal fear of the unknown in your heart, and the stupidity and ignorance — in thoughts and your words.

13. Each man standing from any ancient clan should know that developing and multiplying it to any kind of help to the ancient clans only four great powers: a clear conscience, and Ancient Faith, a sharp sword and hard work.

14. Repay for good people only good, and not evil and indecent Created by where you take a right and an open mind.

15. Not rendering, people, good to you for evil, because, if will render good for evil, what you will be recompensed for good.

16. Veda, the people that every descendant of the Old Gods must have faith childbirth, a clear mind, an inquisitive mind, a loving and brave heart, a clear conscience, strong hands and a strong Will.


Commandments Perun

1. Honor your parents, and keep them in their old age, for you to take care of them, as tacos and take care of you children of your …

2. Save the memory of all Sorts of your ancestor and your descendants will remember you …

3. Keep the old and young, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, for it is your Relatives, wisdom, and the color of your peoples …

4. Brought up in chadah their love for the Holy Land Race, does not appeal to them miracles overseas, and could do wonders for yourself more wonderful and beautiful, but for the glory of your Holy Land …

5. Do not do wonders for the benefit of his own, and works wonders for the benefit of his Rod and Rod Heaven …

6. Help the neighbor is in trouble it will come to you for the trouble, and you can help your neighbors …

7. Be creative to do good, but for the glory of your Family and your fathers, but obryaschite protection from the Gods of Light your …

8. Help in every way to build temple and sanctuary, save the wisdom of God, the wisdom of ancient …

9. Washed by the Minister after your your hand, for those who are not washed his hands, he loses the power of God …

10. Cleans you in waters Iria that river flows into the Holy Land, to wash his body is white, it holy by the power of God …

11. Affirm your land law of heaven, that gave you your bright gods …

12. Read people, you, the days rusalskie observe God holidays …

13. Do not forget your gods, burn to the glory of the gods you smoke and incense and obryaschite you favor and grace of the gods of your …

14. Do not repair the injuries to your neighbors, you live with them in peace and harmony …

15. Do not humiliate the dignity of others, and do not be humiliated your dignity …

16. Do not do poor people of other faiths, because God is the Creator of all is One Earth … and over all the world …

17. Do not sell, you own land for gold and silver, for the curse, you call upon themselves and will not apologize to you all the days without a trace …

18. Defend you land your arms and beat you right all the enemies Races …

19. Protect and Childbirth Russenia Svyatoruss from foreign gate of that go to the ground with your evil thoughts and with weapons.

20. Do not praise your power, poezzhu on battlefield, and glory from the battlefield sezzhayuchi …

21. Keep the secret wisdom of God, do not let the Secret Wisdom of you Gentiles …

22. Does not convince you, the people who do not want to listen to you and listen to your words …

23. Saving your temple and sanctuary from desecration Gentiles, if not you will save the Holy Shrines of Race and Faith … Your Ancestors, will visit you during grief, but insults the suffering …

24. Who run away from their land to a foreign land, in search of an easy life, the renegade clans of his, but he will not pardon him Rod, for the gods turn away from him …

25. And not rejoice, you burn someone else, because who's grief is glad he calls to his grief …

26. Not zloslovte not laugh at those who love you, and you respond to love with love and protection of the gods obryaschite your …

27. Love your neighbor, if he is worthy of …

28. Do not take a wife, brother — sister, and his son — his mother, for the blood of the gods angered Rod ruined …

29. Do not take wives with black with skin, for Defile the house and ruined his race, and take wives with a white skin, you will glorify the house … and your line will continue …

30. Do not wear a man's wife's garments, for femininity to lose, and his wife wear what you think …

31. Family ties Nerushte Union, Gods blessed, for against the law of God the Creator and the One go lose their happiness …

32. Let not the murdered child is in the womb, for the man who kills child in the womb, will bring the wrath of the One God, the Creator …
Love wives to their husbands, because they are your protection and support, and all sort of your …

33. Do not drink a lot of drinking intoxicants, know the measure of drinking, for many who drink intoxicating drinks, loses the human species …


Commandments Tarh Dazhdbog

1. Who has the blessing of God on the Union Family Perun, but not between any Rati or Fattah.

2. Who will give their children the parts of the soul, that did not diminish his soul, and multiplied it.

3. Who lavishes love, he lost it, and who radiates love, that it multiplies.

4. Veda, people Clans of the Great Race, which ought to be treated with love and kindness to all living beings, created in the Midgard-earth.

5. Who caress and obogreet orphan child, he made a small act, but who, heating, gave shelter and accustomed to hard work, the more committed the act.

6. Who do not support their generations and their faith in the hour of heavy hour, the renegade clans of his, and he will not apologize for ever without a trace.

7. Let all your deeds and conscience laws will be the measure of all clans.

9. Detached from the thoughts and deeds of outlandish, koi are in the thick of immensely.

10. Read the ancient Vedas, and let the words of the Vedas lives in your mouth!

11. Keep living your relatives and neighbors, and ye shall find help from the gods Vyšna yours!

12. Who protects the child from his creative acts, the children of his soul destroying.

13. Who indulge the whims of children of their own, he kills his children of the Great Spirit.

14. Vedas are learned through the living Word, for it is only the living Word reveals meaning hidden in the Vedas.

15. Do not destroy your nature and your blood Births, for the two great powers, koi allowed to continue the existence of ancient Rodham yours.

16. Remember, the children of the Great Race Clans that family units created without God and parental blessing, is not protected from suffering and misunderstanding.


Commandments Stribog

1. Spiritual family unit, but is blessed with all the elements and the gods of heaven.

2. A man who does not have children, does not fulfill his duty to the Native and the Great Race, because it is the continuation of the children of the ancient clans of it.

3. Yes Fire goes out of your hearts and pockets, if you'll live by their own conscience, and not at the instigation of foreign.

4. Yes, you have not defiled their holy land corruptible your fathers, koiya poured blood and sweat of your Grandfather.

5. Convenient way to look after your loved ones Croda great and spacious Lodi, that they might close your soul with smoke Krodnym rise in Svarga-Pure to your Ancestors.

6. Honor the memory of their ancestors bloodless sacrifice, for what you donate to them, then they have much influence.

7. Do not destroy their souls, seeking for worldly goods, for all the blessings of peace Reveal not create the smallest blessings of peace are right.

8. Failure to fulfill the commandments of many aid deprives people of the gods and his ancestors, for only those who keep the Commandments and two great principles, help all the gods.

9. Completes all disputes between Genera your fraternal world, and with the gate of battle — victorious feast.

10. Before the creation of the family unit let your heart always be obedient to the will of the Parent, for life without parental blessings worse bondage.

11. Do not go, people Clans of the Great Race, suprotiv clear conscience and their ancient laws of your Clans, for on your devious ways of life there is no rest for your souls.

12. Take care, people Clans of the Great Race, their parents and Elders Sorts your own, for there is none dearer to you and wiser than the parents and elders of the ancient clans yours.

13. Do not create it, the people of the Great Race Births, free wind in their heads, thunder clouds over his words and lightning storm in their hearts.

14. Remember, people Clans of the Great Race, the wealth and prosperity of the ancient clans of your originally signed in small chadah yours, whom you ought to cultivate love, kindness and hard work.

15. Veda, people Clans of the Great Race, the meaning of life and prosperity rests on your Clans four ancient foundations, koi have faith, conscience, Love and Will.

16. Create, people Clans of the Great Race, at the behest of his heart, because your heart is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and divine power.


God's commandments Ramhata

1. Go back to your roots and you will open the gates to the divine world (right).

2. Do not go into other worlds with their own laws, and obey the laws of the World.

3. Observe the laws of the Grand Ramhi, be wise and perfect.

4. Do not go for the darkness, but go for the light, for reaching for the darkness perish prematurely.

5. No heed to those who call for falsehood, and give ear to those who call for the Truth.

6. No heed to those who saith that life is finite, because they do not know what to speak.

7. No heed to those who saith that your neighbor, gate of yours, and give ear to those who saith that your neighbor — your term friend.

8. Go through the worlds of many, learning and perfecting their own spirit.

9. Learn of God's Wisdom One (sort of) and obryaschite Light of God on his way.

10. Do not let the Vedas to those who turn them into evil for evil but all life.

11. Do not create false commandments and laws that are suprotiv laws and commandments of God, for themselves and ruin
Ways to seduce children.

12. Do not aspire to other worlds, in order to capture them, for those who have this in his thoughts, his world can lose.

13. Do not think that a lot of ground lifeless, they are not visible for the life of you, your feelings are not felt.

14. Do not use the Wightman Vaitmar evil, in order to capture other worlds, and use them for good and cognition
Worlds, and then the friendship of the people of the Worlds obryaschite.

15. Do not show aggression against those who come to you from the other world, for how you act, so
they think about all the people in the world yours.

16. Do not ruin your peace and the nature of it, for themselves and their world will destroy lose.

17. And not reject his wife's first husband, for not looking Rod Heaven from her.

18. A daughter born in the sacred the summer, combined union family with her husband only in Sacred summer.

19. Yes, the finger touches the father of another wife, when his wife is his child by his heart.

20. But will not have much other than their wives, but at any time, except for the hour dashing when Rod man dies in defense
his house, in the defense of their own land and their faith.

21. Do not use Fache Destroyer vs. the World on it, for the world of his ruin and living descendent of a lose.

22. Keep the memory of all the ancestors of his, and you obryaschite favor of your gods and ancestors.

23. Respect Wanderers, emissaries of the One God (sort of), hear the Word of Wisdom and them.

24. Do not live by the laws that created the people, in order to take away your freedom, and live according to the laws of the One God.

25. Do not misuse the name of the one God in Sue and glagolte it only a great holiday.

26. Worship the gods of heaven, the Father, and his mother, because they gave you life, Father and Mother gave body and soul to you, and the gods —
Soul and conscience.

27. Do not scold those who have left your peace, for the departed glagolyut only good.

28. Do not judge those who have strayed from the path of Light, and send them back to the path of righteousness, for acts of their answer before they
Conscience and Rod.

29. Yes you are not ashamed of what is given to you and your nature Rod One, and ashamed of ignorance and ignorance.

30. Repay your respect to the gods and the Creator are one, and obryaschite peace and quiet in your life, and let them be open gate
Mezhdumirya for you.

31. Build the house, but in all the worlds, you learn of the wisdom of God, for the wisdom of God, who will not know, he himself

32. Honor the Holy all holidays that your ancestors left you, decorate your life with joy and with good deeds, but in
The glory of the gods and the ancestors of yours.

33. Keep my commandments I gave you and yes my obryaschite help at all times.


Commandments Chisloboga

1. Born in Ramhate so let all the faithful of the harmony is born in the rest of the summer.

2. Born in the Halls of Heaven Virgin, so do not look for his bride in the Heavenly Halls Virgin.

3. Do not waste time in vain, for losing a fraction of time, often loses his life.

4. From dawn to dusk to create, people, and from sunset to sunrise, relax, people.

5. No personal freedom, or will can not change the course of the River of Time and duty to Rod Heaven and your gods.

6. Veda, people Clans of the Great Race, which for the life of each being determined its course of time, and therefore do not take someone's life, for breaking the flow of time in the life of other creatures, you change the time of your life.

7. If everyone rushes to the goal in life, fulfilling its mission, in accordance with time of life, life will find its supreme spiritual meaning.

8. Do not waste time in vain, and fill your life of holiness, so good deeds, but for the glory of the gods and the ancestors of yours.

9. Live, people Clans of the Great Race, the truth, and be ye shall find rest to your souls, and Lifetime meaning full.

10. Every event in your life and nature is at a certain time of the gods, and in his time, and no matter how you reject this, there is what is destined to happen will happen.

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