Gold and the end of the world

Gold and the "end of the world"In the South American people and members of Congress have long been in doubt about the fact that in the storerooms, which houses the official gold reserve of the United States, still have something left, and if there is something, and then that "something" is gold. In 2012, the global media has passed a series of publications in which conclusively proved: the global gold market a huge number of fake bullion, where the "yellow metal" is replaced by tungsten having such a proportion as goldThere is a huge amount of … indirect evidence that long since banksters have run hand in the South American gold coffers of the Treasury (the official gold reserve on the balance sheet of the agency since 1933).

Last South American "people's representatives" with their own eyes beheld gold bars in Fort Knox (the largest repository of official reserves) first 1950s., Ie June 10-s years ago. Under the pressure of an implacable criticism of the Fed Congressman Ron Paul in the past in 2012 failed to reach a decision on the spot check of supplies of gold dollars.

Details about the just passed inspection strongly enough. Something has penetrated into print about checking gold Treasury, located in the basement of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in Manhattan. In the process involved about half a dozen employees of the Mint, an office of Inspector General of money and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Also the staff of the Office of State responsibility (investigative agency of Congress). In storage there are about 530,000 of gold bullion of which 34,021 belong to the South American Treasury (the other bars — gold other states). Group of auditors elected from the cache of more than 350 ingots, which are validated method of drilling. It is striking that the test is very "selective". Investigated about 1 out of 100 bars. But the main supplies of gold Treasury are in other stores — Fort Knox, West Point, Mint in Denver. I personally found no evidence that such studies were carried out and the bars in these repositories. That is, actual ratio can be 1: 100 and 1: 1000.

Quite surprisingly, the auditors check all reduced to the identification of lime (tungsten) ingots. Specialists believe that such identification is completely unsuitable ultrasonic methods of verification, there is no need to drill. With the help of ultrasound could be rapidly and inexpensively test the entire treasury in store. In my opinion, the South American authorities pretend play, which may take decades and cost a lot of money (any drilling operation is related to the loss of gold and other costs). Generally speaking, drilling or ultrasound — in principle, but not the main part of the actual audit. The main thing — work with documents and identify what kind of monetary and commercial transactions did with the State-owned gold. But this is no one stutters. Even Ron Paul.

But what is the connection between the said "limited" gold audit and "end of the world?" They say that the production of ingots by drilling was completed in the summer, and the results so far are not made public. Then in the American media flashed the phrase: "The Ministry of the money so far refused to reveal that the test set. States that the results will be announced by the end of the year "… Note: do not fall, not in January 2013, and particularly at the end of the year, in other words, in December 2012. Could this mean something?


The fact that the German authorities have taken a decision to transfer its own gold supplies from its warehouse zabugornyh countryside, in the autumn of this year a lot has been written. At the current time, Germany ranks second in the world ranking for the supplies official gold — 3.4 tons (more precisely — 3,396 m). But most of the "yellow metal" is located outside the country. 31 percent of German gold stored in Germany, 45 percent in the U.S., 13 percent in Britain and 11 percent in France. The question was put to the Bundestag in January of this year, but plans to repatriate gold suddenly stumbled upon a blind opposition. Someone does not lust, that gold was returned.

The first line was counter Germany's central bank — the Bundesbank, the balance of which is considered the official gold reserve. Authority of the Parliament of Germany were not sufficient to force the Bundesbank to begin the repatriation operation. The central bank of the country has reluctantly act only after the decision of the Federal Court of Germany, the Bundesbank is obliged to audit zabugornogo gold, moving abroad small batches of metal and conducting research and melted down gold bars on German soil. Total of 150 tons for the next 3 years.

Second line anti-government of Germany has become the Federal Reserve, which is stored in the cellars of the German gold. At first, the resistance was verbal. It was, and is, applied close to the Fed news agency CNBC. Chief editor of CNBC, John Carney has released an editorial in which contained a very intriguing statement: "In fact, it does not really matter whether the Fed holds the New York gold or that the German central bank, whether it is spotless. If the Fed says it's there, it's just fine for all practical purposes for which it can be useful. It can be sold, given in debt, applied as a deposit, applied to the overlap of responsibilities and is considered as a banking capital, regardless of whether it exists or not … For almost all conceivable operational goals of the actual existence of gold in Fort Knox or the Federal Reserve in store irrelevant. The value here is taking notes. So while the Fed says that the Bundesbank has a volume of gold, equal to X, the Bundesbank can act as if He has the gold, even if it somehow miraculously failed to suction gold in a galactic black hole. " And further: "I believe that the Bundesbank understand it pretty well, even if it does not think the German tribunal. There is nothing that could have been won from the inspection of gold. If it is there and it is spotless, the knowledge that nothing will change. And if gold is not, well, the result can be chaos, as the credibility of the central bank gold depositories will evaporate instantly. "

After such a "rollback" the Germans could not continue to insist on getting the gold, then in turn have been started more powerful arguments. Specifically forces of nature. In October this year, the east coast of America were hit by Hurricane Sandy. In the area of the hurricane hit and New-york. Conspiracy theorists immediately began to hint at the fact that the hurricane was "man-made", that he was someone very necessary and this "someone" — Federal reserve. Frame one of the major events associated with Hurricane Sandy was or destruction of, or liquidation, or flooding of an underground repository of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in Manhattan. Messages to U.S. media on this subject is very inconsistent. Here, for example, a communication dated 30 October 2012 in the electric edition of «The Daily Bail», included in the empire CNBC: «The stunning announcement from Washington, DC. — At a hastily arranged press conference on the night of Sun Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced that the explosion at the Con Edison plant in the town of New-york, which led to the complete destruction of all underground storage with gold reserves of Germany, so Makarov, undoing all the efforts Germany to fulfill the repatriation of gold … It is reported that the gold reserves
were not insured. "

In general, according to the views of some professionals, no hurricane and was not. And the media controlled by the owners of the Federal Reserve, just made a "media image" wild waste. In fact, actually in New York in the midst of a hurricane in the evening Sun was only gusty winds, locally heavy and occasionally drizzling rain quite small — and all. In the web a lot of funny photos, made by the Yankees, showing the "swing elements." According to official reports, as a result of hurricane in the United States and Canada, killing 13 people. Try to check it out, especially if you take into account yet another country! Incidentally, in one of our small Crimean, officials said, killing between 150 and 170 people. As for the explosion at the transformer station Con Edison, which left several million people without electricity, in other words, severe signs that this event was a "man-made". Something like September 11 in the "miniature".

Unfortunately, no explanation for the following repository of gold in Manhattan followed. The Fed did not even made a conventional soothing assurances: that, say, everything will be fine, the storage will be recovered, the gold will be returned, etc. Naizloveschee silence. Germany also holds the deepest silence. The air smelled scandal. Bernanke's obviously not going to return the gold Germans. In general, it may be already, and return nothing?

What more "natural disasters" may follow? It seems that someone in the United States become skilled at developing such a "disaster." Take, for example, the September 11, 2001. This event may be related indirectly to the subject of German gold, and all the gold in general, located in the basement of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. In-1's, after the collapse of skyscrapers international retailing center weird way out of the basements ITC lost several tons of gold (it was not a state-owned and private gold). In-2, also under the debris of skyscrapers mysteriously disappeared some documents relating to the investigation of illegal operations, the FBI and the CIA with gold. After the disappearance of the documents the investigation was terminated.

And the last. A year after the catastrophic events of September 11, 2001 German edition of the «Neue Zuricher Zeitung» quoted the famous South American billionaire Warren Buffett, who spoke with the forecast that in the coming 10 years, it comes to the first terrorist attack with nuclear weapons on American soil. It turns out in 2012, which remained until the end of a few days! If such a device will explode in New York, the gold supplies stored there will be radioactive and Germany had lost the desire to repatriate them. Weather Buffett will find some sense. If not for the entire population of the earth, the inhabitants of the New York end of the world would be possible to completely real. Being close to the repository of the Federal Reserve is at the physical level dangerous.

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