Gold stars SWAT: Our man Major Zlobin

Gold stars SWAT: Our man Major ZlobinDo we have a real squad hero. His behavior is ill-February battle — this action man! A feat worthy of the Gold Star of the Hero of the Russian Federation. — Colonel Eugene Merkushin, then commander of the 29th detachment of special purpose Interior Troops of the Russian Federation "Bulat", opened the door with the sign "The chief of intelligence."

In the center of the small office, leaning over a map spread out on the desktop, was a sturdy low man with a pencil in his hand.

— Meet it Maj. Nicholas A. Zlobin. Our people: Spy, officer, specialist. — Merkushin one short sentence that described the man as wanted to hear about themselves even though what any soldier army in the world. — A graduate of Alma-Ata Institute of Military Border Troops of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The service begins at the border with China, as deputy chief of the educational work of the frontier "Tuat." In the Interior Troops of the Russian Federation since 2002. He served in Ulyanovsk, then a 2-years in the operational battalion of the 46th Brigade in the Chechen Republic, from where he transferred to us. Married, laconic, decisive, no bad habits.

— Nicholas — introduced Maj., leaning forward a bit and firmly shaking my hand. Look spotless, open, measured.
So, in the midst of infinitely hot, dry summer, a record in 2010, I met with Major Zlobin. In Bashkortostan, in the heart of the old Ural Mountains — the town of Ufa.

Then Nicholas, only came to the service after 4 months in the hospital wards, but in spite of not so long ago experienced the hardest tests, looked cheerful and confident.

Surely, as long as we talk about the daily activities and concerns, officers manner of life, teachings and discipline in the middle of recruits. But as we were talking about the Caucasian campaigns of the 29th squad, emotions have died down, and the voice of Major potyazhelel appeared iron sheet, eyes filled with the pain of irreplaceable loss, sadness, compassion.

Gold stars SWAT: Our man Major ZlobinZlobin:
— A little problem we have put on 3 February. Usual for special forces task: to search and reconnaissance activities to the southeast of the village of Komsomolsk. — Nicholas pointed to the map. — We had to go through the river bed Goychu to its confluence with one of the mountain streams to detect militant bases and equipped with weapons caches and ammunition.

In the event of a collision with the bandits had two options: they arrest or, in the armed resistance, destruction. From the available intelligence indicated that the river shy venerable gang of criminals "emir" Labazanova and joined them remnants of the gang destroyed a couple of weeks before, "Emir" Gishaeva. It is clear that none of them was not going to surrender himself, they Stealther, very fierce and terrible opponent, and because we had the most severe attitude.

Output of all 5 groups to place a special operation carried out by the ground: a cool, windy day or later in the morning from Khankala, Fri constant dislocation, left column. Then, in advance of the appointed place, embarked on the trail. We were in the middle and forward air controllers, and artkorrektirovschiki and engineers with the means of engineering reconnaissance and mine clearance and medical orderlies, ready to provide first medical aid. Operated strictly according to the rules, people experienced.

A viscous, slurp gryazyuku foothills passed swiftly. After getting over, caught in congestion, visibility dramatically worsened. On the snow-covered area along the invisible border Grozny Rural and Urus-Martan districts between the villages of Dacha-Barzoi and Alhazurovo on densely overgrown with trees and bushes subtle slope of the 1st of the hills came down to the outposts of bandits. Senior Warrant Officer Ayrat Galyauov and Corporal Alex Kir'yanov, marching to the left of me, in the fourth group, took the fight first and immediately injured. Galyauov — shoulder with damage to the arteries and blood of the chest, Kir'yanov — shoulder. Evacuate them failed, a barrage of fire was such strength that could not raise their heads. Ayrat Galyauov to hospital and has not held, died from massive blood loss.

Gold stars SWAT: Our man Major ZlobinAyrat was an awesome guy, courageous, determined, able to operate at the limit of strength, his teeth clenched. On such special forces and holding on. Backed by years of service in the OMON, doing different types of sports, with the first trial, he passed the exam for sturdiness — successfully passed the qualification tests and headed for the right to wear maroon beret. Home Ayrat expecting wife and two sons, the youngest of whom was not even half a year …

Soon thugs broke up into several small groups and using their main advantage — the knowledge of the terrain, have gone from persecution and hid in the thicket. Some may wonder sit at the base, in the dugout disguised, hidden in a narrow, protected from prying eyes hollow trees and shrubs. Just coming to this undercurrent of asylum tightly, we figured out where and how the enemy had taken refuge, so sensibly and correctly it was built.

They went into the fire contact. Distance is small. Junior sergeant and corporal Ilgiz Gasimov Anton Baygozin came under a hail of bullets and died in the shootout. Ensign Denis Nikolayev bullet pierced his forearm. The commander of the first group of Lieutenant Paul Petrachkov, an experienced officer, behind which were 10's clashes, crawled to the dugout to go around it and scatter grenades. Paul threw a grenade, machine-gun suppressed, but he himself was mortally wounded with two bullets right through — in the chest and head.

Petrachkova buried on the Walk of Fame in Penza, in this town, it served to Ufa, where he left a wife and two-year son …
In this own Nicholas broke and how to function in person, do not say a word. For it later, I told the other officers of various special units.

Gold stars SWAT: Our man Major ZlobinCaptain D. (Hankala)
— At first Ufimtsev could not understand who to meet them came out of the fog, near the working men of the battalion "North" and the 15th SPE "Vyatich", and did not open fire, afraid to shoot colleagues. When sure that it is the militants, among them at least 10 ka meters left. Clashed. "Lively" There were many, according to our data, 15 to 30 barrels. The terrain they knew perfectly well, each probing the mound, dug and dug well equipped, escape routes mapped out in advance. Knew that someday special forces still in their soul was coming and have to run swiftly and silently, to survive.

Slip away quietly they failed, and breathe in the name of non-existent "Caucasus Emirate"
and prosperity zabugornyh patrons did not want and the fighters went for broke. Dealt a severe blow to the "Vyatich": armavirtsev have killed Captain Gregory Shiryaev (Hero RF posthumously) and Private Stepan Selivanov, injuring Lieutenant and Lieutenant Oleg Tapio Arsene Lugovets. About the loss of the "North" do not know. In general, those days were the most languid in the past year. All Hankala practically stood on the ears when the details become clear. All the guys in the mountain exploded, the rebels wanted to take revenge.

Lt. Col. F. (Ufa)
— In the most critical moment of the battle, and when he died Petrachkov matter of life and death of the whole group got an edge Zlobin ordered subordinates to retreat to the high-rise, a more lucrative limit, and he remained to cover their retreat. Was right. Part of the militants in subdued terrain folds could surround and kill our soldiers. They tried to go for a breakthrough, but they suspended the wounded in the chest Zlobin. Nicholas, lying in the snow with a punctured lung, holding back the enemy until the time is not yet lost consciousness.

Thanks to the decisive action of Major, Lieutenant Grefenshteyn, corporal and sergeant Kir'yanov Mukhametov who received injuries of varying degrees of severity, were able to retreat to the non-dangerous distance and received first aid from reinforcements approached. A Zlobina not found the gathering, there was no connection, he carried the bullet radio. Evil deed is thought that the living do not see, but lucky. Miraculously survived.

Captain A. (Hankala)
— Our profession, the profession of Scouting, asks speed and composure. Requests complete control over the senses and absolute commitment. And Zlobin laid out a hundred percent. Practically, he risked his own life by allowing subordinates to retreat. You know how hard it is to bury one in the snow, knowing that a certain death staying? You must have a metal willpower not to panic, but to continue the fight. Flint!

Captain D. (Hankala)
— In the middle of destroyed as a result of a special operation militants were identified by local thugs big shots, "Emir" of Urus-Martan district, Shamil Avkhadiev and the coming of his accomplices, Ibrahim Haziyev and Ruslan Bika. We Bikaeva found a lot of value, including records of transportation routes and meeting tables, which, I think, great needed by our operatives.

Captain O. (Ufa)
— Though some fight — it's mad adrenaline to help overcome the pain to get up and run puzzle. But one adrenaline far
do not leave, just get killed. To perform a puzzle with minimal losses, we need knowledge, experience, sober reason, the calculation and determination. All this is in ZLOBINA. Since he — the commander with a large bukovkoy. A commander — is not only a star on the uniform, it's a lifestyle and state of mind.

Gold stars SWAT: Our man Major ZlobinLt. Col. F. (Ufa)
— When special forces soldiers called "golden youth" of, I readily agree. Specifically, they are not young, rustling bills in nightclubs and live it up in the pursuit of glamor — the real and the future of our country! I'm talking about your own little brother — at the physical level and spiritually strong man, with a rigid moral core, ready to defend the country and perform all intended target. Let the Stars Heroes decorate not all of them, but only the elect, it is not essential. Basically, that as long as special forces, people understand that duty, honor and service to the Fatherland — not abstract concepts or some vague time reference, and the meaning of life for an entire layer of civilian society.

And I'm not taken aback when the August 4, 2010 I was called by a friend from Ufa and officious voice read a full line of news from the Internet: "Decree of the President of the Russian Federation" For courage and heroism in the performance of military duty in the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation, the title Hero of the Russian Federation, awarded the three military departments for specific purposes and exploration Russian Interior Ministry troops — Major Nikolai Zlobin, Lt. Paul Petrachkova (posthumously) and junior sergeant Alexander Puzinovskomu (posthumously). " With all my heart glad. It's nice that deserved merit find their own heroes. The heroes of our country.
Special Forces — thanks!

PS Not long ago, I again met with Major Zlobin. He continues to serve in the unit and be completely changed. Either outside or, more importantly, internally. On one regret: not being able to get another trip, but I'm sure — in the subsequent time will certainly catch up and once again will be on the trail. Dizzy with success absent. Many cases.

People who know a lot and have a great read, a lot. People who know how to answer for his words, less at times. For the word — it's the air, they fly away, they say, and for us our deeds, they leave a trace in the history. History Major Zlobina — is the story of Hero and the words here do not quite look the person in the eye. The eyes never lie.

Sometimes, the title decorates the person, and sometimes the opposite. I'm sure there — the second option …

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