Great Wall of China was built … not Chinese!


Says the president of the Academy of Fundamental Sciences Andrey Tyunyaev: As you know, just north of present-day China, there
another, much more ancient civilization. This has been confirmed by archaeological discoveries made in particular in Eastern Siberia. Impressive evidence of this civilization, comparable to Arkaima the Urals, not only has not been studied and understood world history, but do not even have a proper evaluation in Russia. As for the so-called "Chinese" walls, then talk about it as an achievement of the ancient Chinese civilization is not quite correct. Here to confirm the correctness of our research is sufficient to cite just one fact. Loopholes in large parts of the wall are not directed to the north and south! And it clearly shows not only the most ancient parts of the walls are not reconstructed, but even on
Recent photographs and works of Chinese design.



Earlier, the Chinese themselves had made a discovery of ancient accessories
Chinese writing another people. There are already published work
proving that these people were Slavic arias.


Note which side the sun shines.

This is the southern side.

And which side of the loopholes?


Also from the south. Also worth noting that the north side of the wall height is small, and there is a staircase!

So from whom to protect owners of the wall?


Map 1754 «Ie Carte de l'Asie» clearly shows that the boundary
China and the Nordic countries — Great Tartary — goes to the Great
Wall of China!


Great Tartary in the past called the Slavic-Aryan Empire
which lasted until 1775. Empire ceased to exist
after defeat in World War II, with the official history of this
fact falsely labeled as strikers Pugachev.

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