Greenish Berets: training of personnel

Special Forces mission, as interpreted by the U.S. military in the instructions — it's functional strategic forces able to rapidly respond to various emergencies in at least some part of the world. These forces, known as the "greenish Berets" specially designed for conducting unconventional warfare in the terrain of other states a means of creating, training, arming and management of local insurgent and guerrilla forces. That's why they are important for the knowledge of foreign (local) languages and the military-Country- training.

Green Berets: training of personnel

The basic organizational unit of special forces mission Army is operational detachment "A" or, as it is also called, the "A". Regular team includes 12 special forces:
— commander (captain).
— tech company officer (NCO).
— Sergeant Specialist Operations (Master Sgt.)
— Sergeant Assistant for Operations and Intelligence (Sergeant 1st Class)
— two sergeants-at-arms specialist (Sgt. 1st class and the staff sergeant)
— two sergeants, specialist engineering training (Sergeant 1st Class and Staff Sgt.)
— two sergeants — honey spices (Sergeant 1st class and the staff sergeant)
— two sergeants, communications specialist (Sgt. 1st class and the staff sergeant).

Training U.S. Special Forces consists of three major steps: assessment and selection of candidates, special forces qualification course and language training.

First step — evaluation and selection of candidates. It takes time for three weeks. Candidates of the number of U.S. military personnel who have expressed a desire to join the special forces mission, seconded and Fort Bragg (North Carolina) to the Center and School U.S. Army them. John F. Kennedy. During these three weeks, candidates are forbidden all contact with the outside world, including even phone calls to families or friends. The purpose of this step — the selection of a fighter, having the properties of special forces soldiers destination.

In the first phase of this step are estimated physical properties, mental motivation of the candidates and their ability to resist stress. Applets will include: mental testing, assessment of physical condition, swimming, running, obstacle course, forced marches in full gear, military orienteering. After the first phase of the evaluation committee decides which candidates to admit on the second phase of testing.

The second phase involves an assessment of leadership and collectivist properties. Bimbo evaluation committee determines which of the candidates can be admitted to the second step of preparation commandos.

Green Berets: training of personnelIn general, the step evaluation and selection process is quite complex in terms of physical activity. On admission candidates must score 206 points on a single scale test army physical condition for the age group 17-21 years, and swim 50 meters in clothes and shoes, the end of the first step of preparation, in other words, in three weeks, candidates must score more than 220 points. According to the statistics, during the step of selecting and evaluating candidates screened out 50% of the candidates.

Second step — Special Forces Qualification Course.

By the end of the first step, the preparation of "greenish Berets" candidates are defined with their own future profession in four military occupational specialties:
MOS 18B — special on arms
MOS 18C — special engineering preparation
MOS 18D — special honey
MOS 18E — an expert on communications.

Usually, the choice of future profession is carried by the candidate on the basis of the existing requirements (orders, the). Regardless of the chosen profile, all candidates receive the knowledge and practice in all four military occupational specialties, and over time veteran of the "greenish Berets" 8 perfection seizes all 4 specialties.

Upon completion of all classes and tests of the first step, candidates vorachivayutsya to their units and expect the call to be transferred to the special-purpose. Usually it lasts from several months to a year.

Duration of Special Forces qualification course is 24 weeks. But future health professionals for previously sent to the 31-week-old pre-med courses of training at Fort Houston (Texas), while professional communicators — to 8-week advanced training at Fort Bragg.

Special Forces Qualification courses consist of 2-main phases: training in basic military specialty (13 weeks) and the final training session (9 weeks). All drills and exercises are conducted at Fort Bragg.

Green Berets: training of personnel

In the course of employment by major military specialties candidates learn the next important nuances:
— experts at-arms — the strategy, the use of anti-tank weapon systems, small arms weapon of all types of South American and foreign production, shooting from cover, portable anti-aircraft system, fire system, fire control arms combat.
— special on engineering training — build capacity, construction of field shelters, demolition work;
— health professionals — Traumatology and Surgery;
— special on communication — the development of communication systems and the theoretical framework of communication, practical training to establish and maintain communication on a global scale.

During the second phase of training the candidates improve their knowledge and practical skills in the field of survival, navigation and orientation, strategy units, air support operations, planning, operations, weapons training. The culmination of this phase and the second step of training in general is the doctrine of preparation, planning and implementation of operations in support of the guerrillas — the doctrine of "Robin Sage" in the forests of North Carolina. The teaching is conducted in the real teams "A" to "aggressive terrain." Students must unnoticed leak in the designated area, meet at the appointed place at the appointed time, and with the "guerrilla" detachment, to establish themselves in it, to assist in training, equipping and arming of "partisan" and prepare a squad to carry out special operations. "Adversary" act by the CIA and the FBI. the police, the local inhabitants "informants" and even the "partisans", ready to deliver and implement a "greenish Berets." During the Special Forces qualification course, all candidates are determined by regional specialization, and their personal desire to human bodies try to really take into consideration. Of regional specialization will depend on third step training of young Special Forces soldiers and their future service.

At the current time, the special-purpose U.S. Army have in its composition 5 groups for specific purposes, each of which consists of 3 battalions and support units and software:

step — language training. Depending on the difficulty of the language classes last from 17 to 23 weeks. Typically, 95% of candidates successfully pass all the tests.

Green Berets: training of personnel

Retake tests allowed. Language training is to instil students with their own ability to communicate in a foreign language, because in the future they will have to train guerrilla forces in the country of the target language. The focus is on oral communication, perception of foreign speech at the hearing and investigation of military terminology. Once a day, cadets receive 6-7 hours of exciting activities and homework.

At the end of language training commandos sent to 30 days of training in the appropriate language of their own specialization.
This completes the preparation of a "greenish Berets" in Fort Bragg, and they get destination for their future duty stations.

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