Greenish flag Jamahiriya launched from the Libyan embassy in Moscow

Green Flag Jamahiriya launched from the Libyan embassy in MoscowGreenish Libyan flag hauled down from the flagstaff Libyan embassy in Moscow, ITAR-TASS reported. But tricolor Libyan Transitional Council of State with a reddish, dark and greenish stripes until it appeared on the embassy. Comments from some representatives of the Embassy shall be removed.

The last Sun directly behind the Libyan embassy in Syria, Algeria, Ankara, Sarajevo, Minsk and Kiev have changed greenish municipal flag Jamahiriya on a red-black-and-greenish Rebel flag.

Flag Libya is a rectangular green color. It is the only single-color municipal flag without any additional details, drawings and inscriptions.

Self-contained kingdom of Libya flag was red, black and green flag with white crescent and star in the center, but after the revolution of 1969, it was changed to a red, white and black.

In 1971, Libya joined the Federation of Arab Republics, which used a flag with the image in the center of a hawk. When Libya withdrew from the federation in 1977, was adopted by a modern, clean green flag. Greenish color symbolizes Islam, the religion of the country municipal, and "greenish Revolution" Muammar Gaddafi.

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