Gregory Kastusyou went to the people

Today, presidential candidate of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front Gregory Kastusyou conducted pre-election meetings in Ivatsevichy, Belaaziorsk, Bereza. In the current campaign, when voters are reluctant to come into the hall, Kastusyou he went to the people, set up their picket lines in crowded places.

The central market in Ivatsevichy Gregory Kastusiou immediately recognized opposition supporter operating company "Ivatsevichidrev" and asked the most relevant question on his mind:

Working"I'm wondering about a single candidate, you still need to go to the area, because it is what elections without a choice?"

Kastusyou"The only likely to be one that will be released together with Lukashenko in an arc round of elections."

It is noticeable that Kastusiou remembered for his performances on BT, although not all of them appreciated the positive:

Pensioner"We had to first learn it by heart, and not every minute glance at a piece of paper."

Kastusyou"These things are hard to learn by heart, and I am a student preparing for the last night."

Picket in Belaaziorsk

But the majority of traders in the market and buyers were talking to a candidate favorably, thanks for the fact that he came to them:

Tradeswoman"Well, if we choose you, as if we'll live?"

Kastusyou: "I'll tell you one thing: the government should not stop people live well. Necessary to create conditions for them to work, earn money and that they are not tortured, so you do not feel cold here, and for you to have a good environment."

Buyer"I have for having to remove it from our president, it really is a dictator. Though I voted for him once, but now I will not."

Right there on the market Ivatsevichy Gregory Kastusiou met long-term observers from the OSCE Brigitte Hoyer and Cornelius Kuymans, who asked his assessment of the election campaign:

Kuymans"My name is Karnelivs, glad to see you. I OSCE observer. Tell me, how would you assess the progress of your company at the moment."

Kastusyou"Compared with previous campaigns, this campaign is of course much more freely and democratically. But two people of my initiative group of the pair was fired."

Talking with international observers

In addition Kastusyou observers expressed satisfaction with the attention of voters to his personality, but said media access for opposition candidates is limited.

Kastusiou conversation with voters and international observers from a distance of 20 meters shot on video unknown in civilian clothes. Kastusyou came up to him. He replied that he has no job, and takes for your records.

.Videaaperatar, "amateur"

In Belaaziorsk near Mall Kastusiou in the cold waiting three dozen pensioners and opposition activists, who learned of the arrival of the candidate in their city.

Mrs."We once you have learned. We've been expecting you."

Kastusyou"Maybe there are questions?"

Mr."That's something you promise, not only you, but also others. Promise that is a lot, but it is doable? Let's say about health care. Until then realized? The crown put on a tooth — 50000. Where can you find them so much? "

Kastusyou"And I'll tell you about the Kostyukovichi — even pass the tests — there is money for it began to be taken."

Campaigning on the market Ivatsevichy

In addition to costly medical Pensioners the applicant complained of the high prices in the shops:

"I do not like that in every other store prices. Should go the old man up there prices are lower, look … Those cereals to 8000 was buckwheat? Where are good if we grow our everything."

The evening came to Gregory Kastusyou Birch, where local authorities have allowed him to branch meeting in the House of Culture.

Campaigning on the market Ivatsevichy

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