Grodno streets Bykov will not. While …

In Grodno starts settling first residential high-rise on New Street, for which the city Toponimical Commission proposed the name of national writer of Belarus Vasil Bykov. The authorities did not approve the proposal. Street, which is actually a two-lane boulevard with traffic, was named "Lane Popovich."

What do Grodno, whom I met on the street, about the fact that she did not get the name of Vasil Bykov?

Mr."The confusion here is obtained from the street and alley Popovich. It's a wonderful writer, what movies are delivered on the works of his classics. Indeed, the Bulls — a great writer, neighbor. Probably some misunderstanding with our "first person" so everything comes from that. And people only Vasil Bykov. "

Mrs."Why and street and alley Popovich? Few writers have the streets, so let be done. It would be good, because our roots Belarusian, you need to know. The same would be inexpensive, yet hardly anyone lives here. How bad is he? What do you mean — like or not? All writers and poets — to a certain taste, they can not all love. "

Mrs."At Vishnyavtsy should be called a big street, and that there is street — five houses will be!"

Mr."I do not know, a normal name — Bykov, I do not mind."

Lane Popovic, not street Bykov.

Toponymic commission chairman, deputy chairman of the executive committee Irina Senchenkova has explained that the authorities have not approved the street Bykov:

"Toponymical commission only makes recommendations and make a decision city council, said the City Council session. But when we proposed the so-called City Executive street, it became clear that there have already been registered on the alley Popovich construction. It turned out that we had to redraw everything, remodel. Well, because Popovich left lane. "

It is necessary to clarify: when participants toponymic Commission proposed to make a new street street Vasil Bykov, there has not yet been completed houses. First passed just now, others are still under construction. Mrs. Senchenkova explains anyhow what street name Bykov will not name …

Senchenkova"I'll have a nice line, most beautiful street. Let's pick. We only postponed, we are not crossed out, put up the best, so to say … this is when the street or avenue, more solid."



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