Gyr-gyr-town — this is where the growl at each other

Mass Society of electricity came to Belarus is Russian for time. If the provincial cities have earned their power. In Soviet Eastern Belarus and Poland were carried out in the Western Electricity villages and towns. But the post-war peace-time electricity did not come home to every Belarusian. After all, the line and the cable has not reached the hamlets.


In depth Ostrovetsky district called me Zhodishskovsky ethnographer Oleg Missoula. Who promised that I will see something unusual. Indeed, a dozen kilometers of bumpy forest roads like I was in a past era. Ustsezere Farm located on the banks of a small river that flows through pavkilyametra in Vyallyu.


This place is extremely beautiful and secluded.


Among the thickets of the forest, on a hill, in the clearing stands centenary soundly plastered house, close — blackened from time to time a large wooden shed.


Vullev close range. It's obvious that the owner loves beauty.


Here lives the family Vladimir and Galina Rapinskih. Vladimir was born and raised here. In Dedova hut. For a time he worked in Astravets, but returned to the ground grandfathers. To live and do Agrotouristics. Mistress of the farm, the beautiful Galina invited us into the house.


The owner went to the mushrooms. The first thing that catches the eye in the cozy living room — a huge Gazovka top of the table. And it's not decoration.


Galina"Of course, I would like to light it. To come, the TV turned on, the computer pabalavavsya. "

Reporter"You live like a hundred years ago. Until it was light Lukic. Enjoying yourself? "

Galina"No.. Bored here once. But in the winter, of course. Books, magazines and radio. Everything. All information source. "

Reporter"Radio" Liberty "is sometimes not listening?"


Reporter"Why do not you hold the light?"

Galina"So decided executive committee. They are expensive. "

Reporter"And how many kilometers from here to the line?"

Galina"Before the line two miles."

Reporter"How much money they want to spend?"

Galina"There are fewer than 280 million. Then her husband came to the relatives of Smorgon. Said — probably will lead you to the gold wire. "

Humor of the situation is that the leadership of the country near here really wants to build a nuclear power plant. What is the symbolic proximity oil lamps and reactor

Reporter"Or maybe it is your main feature — live without electricity? Lord tourists, feel yourself in the nineteenth century. Here you Gazovka, here's a quill pen. Here's inkwell. "

Galina"Oh, I do not know. Here is a help. "

Reporter"Tell me, winter is not scary? I'm talking about wolves and wild boars. "

Galina"Nothing. I often met when I get out for a walk with the dogs. Person to fear harm. And do not these animals. "

Reporter: "You have already met with the wolves. They know you … "

Galina"Of course. With the wolves — I do not know, but with wild boars — yes. "

Reporter"And in the winter is not entered here?"

Galina"Drifts. And few rides. "


Last week at the BT main "highlight" was the story about the Russian billionaire, who built the whole area Pruzhansky farm village. To the village is a four freeway. All that can be lined with concrete tiles. In the toy tseramochkah with Internet access. In short, everything is done to make you feel in a typically rustic atmosphere. If I had the choice, would be pulled here, to clean and cozy beach Vyal. But is it easy to get the advertised public assistance for his estate? According to Oleg Missoula.


Missoula"The list of documents to apply for the allocation of preferential credit for the subjects of agritourism individuals. I went to one and a half years ago in Smorgon, a branch AgropromBank, get a loan. Then there was a total of 11 points — to collect references. And now, as they did me a printout … "

Reporter"Now — this is when the government turned its face …"

Missoula"She turned to face it … 22 points! And the most interesting item — a certificate of conclusion of the competent institutions of the object under agroecotourism sanitary and technical requirements, as well as its improvement relative to the specific conditions of the village. What's the question? There Smorgon appropriate sanitary service. In each room are sitting there at five. Take a look and make a conclusion. "No," they say, "Oleg. They are not competent, everyone sitting. They were there the whole battalion. Only in Maladzechna there are experts! That can give an opinion and write all these papers. So for this paper will have to pay 800 thousand. "

Reporter"You are their tether."

Missoula"Bring back and pay 800,000. What they will do this conclusion. He is, this loan. But everything has been done to the person got it. So he surely wear in these references, in this gathering to cast away a lot of money. That's the help of the state. "

Meanwhile, the owner came out of the woods, Vladimir. Youthful taut middle-aged man. And in Belarusian extremely calm. Their family seeks electrification decades. In Soviet times, the district authorities were fed promises. Today, in its official letters written in plain text, that "your position is not economically sensible." And offer to Vladimir relocation of family nest in the agricultural town.


Reporter"Volodya, as it's called? You just survive from the family nest? "

Vladimir"You could say that. But must meet the same go. If such a policy is the president, that people should remain on the ground. So they watched the land. And then it turns out the opposite. Such a purely domestic issue for electrification — and did. Well, if it is unprofitable to continue the line, you can
also lay the cable. It would be even cheaper. Could be done by this river … "

Reporter"Dynamo which one?"


Reporter"But you're not going to give up?"

Vladimir"No.. Is the president did not hear? Now, a letter written. If we are to come from the President replied that, as they write, "is not economically sensible," then try to install the wind turbine. Maybe I will take some credit. It seems at one house, and would be enough to couple light bulbs lit up. But we're not going to go away. "

Oleg Missoula made a very interesting idea — that Russification may be not only the language but also the space.

Between the agricultural towns do such a Russian system. The Russian contribution to life. The village is the village — 15-20 kilometers. And between them, let nothing.

Missoula"Between agrotown make a Russian system. The Russian contribution to life. The village is the village — 15-20 kilometers. And between them, let nothing. Not like this contribution evolved over the centuries. This town here hamlet, village here, here zastsenak. And we all Russian style. That's done agro Zhodishki, for example. And then let those villages are dying. For example, this situation was even. Collective farm chairman says — we want to build a house for a worker on the farm. So forbid! It is said that in Zhodishki built. And as to the employee to get to the same farm? It specifically to carry? Here's how to reach. "

Reporter"And in the agricultural town, I realized I did not have any Kalach shall call."

Vladimir"No.. Who build these, they would have to settle in a house. I spoke to the collective farm boss. Young people will come, it will work a couple of years — and all. He sees this agricultural town to escape. Do not tempt any new houses, nothing. It's cold. A year later, crack goes through the wall. Blowing from the ceiling, blowing off the walls. "

Reporter"And this house one hundred years."

Vladimir"Maybe a little more. Nothing blows. Tepid. "


Farms in these parts used to be a lot. Lack of electricity has done its job. But today Rapinskih have neighbors. A few kilometers lives alone fifty-year master. And just a mile away, on the banks Vyal, the family lives of pensioners Palachanskih. 70-year-old Bronislaw moved here in the 60s. As soon as given permission to live alone. After all, the man who was brought up on a farm, the collective happiness is not attracted. But the move is old, when there was no wood.


Bronislaw"Previously there was forest all around. Around the field were. When I arrived here, the way the house was visible. Now I would not buy here ever in my life. "

Reporter"And before the farm was?"

Bronislaw"They were. Because of the light and fled. The youth fled, the elderly have died. "

Reporter"And there were the most vpertyya."

Bronislaw"The most devoted."

Now the forest is not about to put his house. Breaking the crops and destroying fences.

Bronislaw"Here we are, even plowed potato. Winter plowed. Under the forest. "

Reporter"I do not know why?"

Bronislaw"In the spring of forest will be planted."

Reporter"And its not that enough?"

Bronislaw"We see that a little. People karchavali manually once. And now came plowed. And though abgaradivshy. Hogs climbed. Walled wire. Wire buying. Plowed wire broke everything. This bandytstva ".

In the agro-town, or, as the old calls it, "gyr-gyr-town", Palachanskiya also not collected.

Bronislaw"What town did that? That the fence for? Yes pazrubali tree. "

Missoula"In agro people against each other only growl."

Bronislaw"Every day. "I cock my chicken, I stole it." Gyr-gyr-town. Gyr-gyr. Come up with what they do not know. "


The official media are trumpeting the revival of the village. Under this revival understood hired work for little money and lives in the same, poorly constructed, state-owned homes. In which to invest their money not raise a hand. It is not his own. This is very similar to a labor camp. And next to their ancestral nests evicted strongly hereditary owners not only their homes, but their lands and forest lands. Imagine what would be a revival, if the owners back then that violence in the state had them removed. Honestly, a lot of cajoling to work for yourself no one would not have to.

Reporter"You have had my land?"

Vladimir"My grandfather was my own land. And the forest. From here to Vilia — it was the grandparents forest. The mill was also my grandfather. "

Reporter"And there are no dreams back what belonged to his family?"

Vladimir"For us it is forbidden by law."

Reporter"And if I had the chance?"

Vladimir"Why not? Of course. If there is a host in the same forest, on the same ground, he will look after her as his own. God has a ten commandments. Live by it, and you will be respected. And our nationalists ten laws provide for a week, and people are themselves confused about these laws. So those laws are not for people. "
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