Happy God Veles!

Happy God Veles!
Patron god of cattle and livestock,
and tribal patron Western Slavs — Scott (Scots).

God Veles, guarding Heaven's Gate Mezhdumirya, misses in Svarga-Pure Soul only those dead
who did not spare his life in defense of their fathers, in the land protection fathers and grandfathers, sewn up in the ancient faith;
are hard and creative work for the prosperity of their family and that of the heart performed two great principles:
Honoring the gods and their ancestors have lived and Conscience in harmony with Mother Nature.

Thank the gods and the ancestors of ours!

Veles — one of the great gods of the ancient world.
His main offense was that Velez led Svarog created by Rod and move the world.
Day follows night was, inevitably followed by a winter spring, summer and autumn, a breath — breath, after sorrow — joy.
It was not a monotonous repetition of the same cycle, and learning the basics of life.
People learned to overcome difficulties and appreciate happiness. Kolovraschenie occurs on higher law the right after the movement of the sun across the sky — Posolon.
Guiding force is the Great Love to help in testing.

The symbol of the movement from darkness to light, from Navi through Reality to the right, is a sign of solstice, or in Sanskrit — the swastika.
It is very important to know where to aim the curved beams solstice: if the upper beam of looking to the left, then the movement will go "clockwise" — Posolon — from left to right, to the right.

If the upper end of the Swastika turned to the right, the movement of life will go back — Osolon, "clockwise" from the world of the gods — right, the black Navi monastery Chernobog, Sedunov and Dyje.
This character is a "coat of arms" forces of darkness.

The man next to the evil from the good, there will be more sour, duck heart.
No wonder that in our days, we spit three times over your left shoulder, for which there is an evil force, but a good business say that it is right, that is correct.
This law gave the world the proper motion Velez. It is recorded in the sacred "Book of Veles" ("Book of Veles").
A mention of him, talking to people Magi, the ministers of the great (the word is derived from the name of Veles) god.

Thus, Velez was not only an assistant in real life, but the original, vechnozhivuschim sage and teacher of the Law.

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