Happy Mokos goddess!

Today, in the summer of 7521 S.M.Z.H., the 12th day of the month Isleta, Day Mokos Goddess, Lady of Heaven, Goddess of Destiny. All Orthodox Slavs and Aryans congratulations on the occasion. Makos let her daughters share and Nedolya spletut happy and fair life for all threads of the Great Race! A Makos our Heavenly Mother — GLORY!
Makos, Heavenly Mother, the Goddess happy lot. Along with her daughters share and Nedolya determines the fate of men and gods, weaving threads of Fate. Patron goddess of weaving and handicrafts, as well as the Hall of the Swan Svarog Circle. Slavic-Aryan name of the constellation Ursa Major — ie Makos Mother bucket.

Therefore, many turned to the goddess Mokos that it has entrusted to weave yarn into a ball of Destiny her youngest daughter — Goddess Dole.

Makos goddess has always been very attentive and caring patroness of weaving and needlework of all kinds, and saw to it that in the fields where Orachev (peasants) put their hearts into their hard work, grew a good crop. It should be understood that the Great Goddess of Heaven Makos is not only a patron goddess of growth and fertility, and the Goddess, the giver of hard working and diligent people a good harvest.

To those genera of the great race and all descendent of heaven, which are not lazy, and worked in the fields, gardens and orchards hard, putting the soul in their hard work, the Goddess Makos sent his youngest daughter — a blond goddess share.

To those people who are ill and negligent worked in their fields (no matter from which he kind), get a bad harvest. Therefore, the people say that the "proportion of Mokos come harvest measure" or "Makos Nedolya sent harvest measure."


Makos goddess in Slavic mythology

Makos (Makosh)— Goddess of the entire Destiny (kosh, Costa — the fate of the syllable "ma" can abbreviate the word "mother"), the elder of the goddesses of fate spinners, and patroness of women's needlework — on Earth guardianship female fertility and productivity, business and prosperity in the house . Can be correlated with the beliefs of the ancient Greeks in the spinners of fate — Moir, as well as with German spinners of fate — the Norns and Frigg — wife of Odin, spinning on his Wheel. Due to the fact that the goddesses — spinner of fate beliefs appear in threes, weave yarn Mokos help the Goddess of Destiny and share Nedolya, binding threads Pokutny man with the fruits of his labors — good or evil.

Is associated with the Earth (this is its cult close to the cult of the Mother of damp earth) and water (which is also acting as a parent, zhiznezarozhdayuschey environment).

Caroused — that connects the beginning and end of all things, cause and effect, has been done, the creation and the creator, the intent and result, etc.

Makos— The goddess of fertility, the mother of crops, has 12 annual holidays, sometimes depicted with horns (apparently Mokos cult — and the Moon cult, then the holidays 13). Typical female horned headdress worn in the 19th century on the national holidays. Mentioned in Russian chronicles and numerous sermons against paganism. "The teaching spirit children" in the XVI century as cautions

"Depart to God invisible: people praying Rod and rozhanits, Perun, and Apollo, Mokosh and Peregine, and to all sorts of vile gods require not approach."
The only goddess of the pantheon of the book. Vladimir. Mother of the Gods, perhaps, the wife or the embodiment of Vélez-Mokosa Mokosh that correlate with Hecate (the name often use masculine). "Mom, the king … started prizyvati gods own: Perun Salmanata, Mokosh, squeegee, Roos and his assistant of Great Ahmed.

"Wanted kladut and create … Mokosh divas …. mazhyut ECAT bogynyu, this very maiden tvoryat Mokosh and honor. "So Makos — the goddess of witchcraft and the mistress of the transition from this world to another world.
The lower incarnation is probably the famous Baba Yaga (Hel, Cali), in this case we can say that she is the mother and mistress of the winds of the forest in the world. Depicted in Russian embroideries between two elk-Rozhanitsy, sometimes depicted with a horn of plenty. Perhaps Makos is the image of the ancient, yet Neolithic origin of the Mother Goddess, known as the "Neolithic Venus." Ancient goddess was the giver of both life and death, the image of her face taboo, had a large head.


Day Mokos— Friday, in the image of orthodoxy merged with Paraskeva, ie She patron mistresses and wives. One day, with special honor Makos — is closest to April 8 Friday — Proveschanie Mokos. Also on 27 October, in fact Paraskeva Friday.
Its metal — silver, stone — rock crystal and tak.nazyvaemy "Moonstone." Mokos beast — a cat. The symbol of this goddess is the yarn ball of wool, a spindle, and brought them to the temple. Idols Mokos could be made of the "female wood" in the first place — aspen. Idol Mokos often can be horned or be in the hands of the horn.
Monk Alberich from three sources in his "Chronicle» XI century (post A.Frentselya, 1712) wrote: «II. 1003 Emperor Henry … vindelikov subdued, the people bordering the Suevi. These vindeliki respected Fortune, with her idol in famous places. Invested in his hand a horn full of drinks made from water and honey … "Share, Srecha, Sryashta (Serbian), Meeting, Happiness — spinner, assistant or Mokos younger sister, mother dice Yagishna.
Nedolya, Nesrecha, Nesryashta (Serbian), misfortune — spinner, assistant or Mokos younger sister, mother dice Yagishna.

So she Makos:
1.Goddess of Destiny all
2.Great Mother, the goddess of fertility, associated with the harvest, is 12-13 annual holidays (and can commemorate each full moon)
3.Goddess of magic and enchantment, the wife and the mistress of Veles crossroads between the worlds of the universe.
4.protector and patron of housewives.
5.At the bottom is the incarnation of the famous Yaga, in this case we can say that she is the mother of winds, that life and death are subject to it in equal measure.
6.Mistress of Wildlife.

Empress Makos-Mother! Mother of Heaven, Mother of God, for us sopryadi ukladnuyu life, community life, Velma glorious. PravSlavlyaem Thee, Mother Mistress, virtuous, and diligence, now and ever, from the Circle to Circle! Taco fast, Esi tacos, taco Budi!

Thank the gods and the ancestors of ours! Hurray!

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