Happy Victory Day!

Memorial Day — a holy day for all citizens of our Motherland! In this happy and sad at the same time on the day we remember the unparalleled heroism of the defenders of the Motherland — soldiers of the Great Patriotic War. On this day, we pay tribute to the deepest respect and inexpressible gratitude to everyone who procured the victory by fighting on the front lines, and brings it to their selfless work in the rear. On this great day, we remember all those who have ever stayed in the fields of fierce battles, those who did not wait for their mothers, wives, and children.

Dear World War II veterans and home front workers!

Your great example of loyalty to the military duty and labor courage will always help us to overcome the difficulties of life and to strive for goodness and creativity. This example will serve as an eternal guide to educate the young generations of the citizens of our country.

The value of the Victory in the fate of our country and all of humanity can not be overstated, it should not be questioned would never, under any circumstances. This is especially important now, when the living witnesses and participants in the war becomes less when it attempts to distort history, in every way to diminish the crucial role of our country in the defeat of Nazi Germany. Each of us should cherish the memory of the fallen soldiers and honor the heroic history of their country.

We wish all the citizens of our country peaceful sky over your head, let the memory of the Great Victory lives forever in our hearts!

Happy Victory Day!

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