Have believed in vain bitch Goebbels. Or demon Churchill beguiled?

"… This is a fascist poster from the second World … Nothing recalls? .. "

Simultaneously recalls documentary photos of Nazi executions.

Have believed in vain "bitch Goebbels."  Or "demon Churchill" beguiled?

I watched a lot of archival "trophy" of the German newsreels and photos. Well, anyone who knows the topic of German executions, once looking at the poster will determine simultaneously the same thing — it's the Germans murdered Poles.

This is despite the fact that the two are drawn on the poster of the muzzle "red Russian executioners" — "Caucasian-Jewish" and the reddish "the general's star on his collar."

Outside caricature alleged heresy, and on the subconscious level massively allegedly concealed the truth.

Very curious as heresy becomes the truth in this poster.

The Germans are trying to blame the massacre of Poles in Russian and here, "according to Freud," unwittingly give away the fact that they did it themselves.

Let's see how it is with their left.

German artist who performed this order propaganda "Goebbels", brings his pedantry.

I am a painter can not imagine how this took place, "a PR project."

German painter — "Belobiletnik" itself, of course, did not conduct the war and did not shoot, but with German thoroughness approached the subject. He was given a German documentary photo shooting, it was a favorite hobby of Germans — to be photographed with executions, executions, gallows.

It's kind of morbid, purely secular German "necrophilic" passion. In art, shootings and other killings they had no equal in Europe.

Very popular German photo story.

Here it is, prisoner of the enemy, still alive: — Jews, Gypsies, Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian, Serbian, French, Italian, etc., or else — a communist, Commissioner, guerrillas, saboteurs, hostage, etc . Here it Teuton put on his knees and took aim at the back of the head, but the boom — and the enemy rozhoy down, died. Next … etc.

Such "nekroslaydshou" the Germans have done for many thousands of war, they are dragged along for the pockets and sent out of virgins in the mail from the front. German maidens loved characters on the background of corpses.

The scene being shot with a pistol in the back of the head at point blank range on his knees and humiliated enemy: Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, and so on — it was an absolute "artistic German stamp ".

All Germans know how to shoot correctly. What can shoot somehow different, not in German, simply had no idea.

Poster "Katyn" was made not to «Untermensch» — the Poles, and to intimidate «Übermensch» — the Germans, which is why it has been replicated throughout Germany. And it worked fine in the German society.

German says only "correct German 'work, and you can only shoot so. So the poster «Katyn» is the usual German shooting. And it all at once "read subconsciously," despite the outer "red masquerade."

Now about the mishaps in the details.

Pole the poster is similar to the "Pan Pilsudski" and painted with knowledge of the matter. Konfederatka and overcoat, all the little details are assured that this is a Pole. Apparently, the artist had before him the real photos of the massacre of Polish officers with them, and painted on. You vyischite in the "captured German archives", I'm sure somewhere in the UK or America will you find photos of real executions of Polish officers by the Germans.

After all, in 1941 the "reds" were defeated and fled in panic to the capture of Moscow on the plan remained a matter of months, so that the Germans and Poles did not hesitate, as well as with the Jews and the Communists. There is a documentary photo — shooting a scene in "Babi Yar", there are also scenes shot in the "Katyn." How can different.

The Germans have the Germans — "iron discipline": there is certainly the case for the number, photo, clear planchik on the ground, and premium full report lists the best employees. You'll see, soon they will be.

It is hoped that the all-knowing "MAzoSAD" hurry up and "help" his "sworn friends" — the Poles find out the truth.

I'm sure the German painter is rendered authentic, documentary photos of the Polish shot by the Germans, hence such accuracy in detail, but the "Russian massacre" was not, had to draw the "gag."

He was ordered to draw evil 'Russian' faces, in other words, a Georgian Jew and German, and change the shape of the Soviet. Well, that was a little more reddish star.

Painter completed all as have ordered, changed shape, painted faces brutal like "Stalin-Trotsky" blood on their hands above the elbow.

"Dr. Goebbels" liked allowed into circulation. Print poster huge circulation, street format with chromo lithographic stones in four colors. Put up posters for the German towns in all the windows under glass.

There is a game "and that, kids, painter here has lied?".

Well, first. Who served in the Army at least some, that I immediately understood.

Pole on the poster, as pronounced by the military in the "winter uniforms," in other words, in an overcoat, well, on a poster painted winter — white snow, and there is no grass or leaves. This is confirmed graves excavated in the "Katyn." There's also a Polish officers dressed in overcoats and winter uniforms and they were shot by the Germans, in the winter or late fall 1941.

The painter here drew an involuntary and document the truth — it's winter, "Katyn" shooting Poles Germans.

And we brazenly "vparivayut" that they were killed by "red" in the spring or summer of 1940, the peace, and even of the recreation area at summer camp near Smolensk? It's like there 'corpse' reeked would, in all resorts in the summer of 1940?

And why did the "red executioners" wearing on the poster is not in the form of winter, and in summer, in some "shirt"? What are the hot men "Martha"? (By the way, do not beheld shirt painter, and therefore drew crappy).

According to the "Soviet military statute," if the winter, then they too should be in winter coats and hats with earflaps. The shooting in the moat — is there round the clock in the wind and cold, and the staff of the need to conserve. Here are photos of executions, where the Germans hanged "Zoe" — so everything is in their cloaks, and on the head — headphones, true, complete order, all on the German statute.

Then even funnier.

Have believed in vain "bitch Goebbels."  Or "demon Churchill" beguiled?

The "red executioner" is drawn from the holster German "Luger" on his tummy on
the left. So worn holster only Germans. And no one saw the "red" officers must wear the holster "in Russian" — on the right side and back "on the jo …" rather than "in German." Since by the "Russian statute" specifically so wear should be. And Russian infantry officer had to crawl on their bellies "on their bellies," if you want to live.

This puncture easy to explain. In the 43 th year in Germany, the Germans did not know how to look "Red Commander", they saw it only after a year. Because the image was created by looking at the German infantry officer.

The fact that the gun and holster should be on the poster, "soviet", it is for some reason the German had not occurred. What a pistol something — "Walter", though sticking out of the edge of the hand, but is drawn as accurately from a photo.

So what I utter, all clear now, it's "red" specially shot Poles of German "Walter"?

But this fact was found only after the "red" Burdenko Commission in 1944, and previously one of the painters in Germany did not. The Germans tried to hide the fact that the murder of Poles from the German standard-issue weapon, which is why the corpses of the arrival of an "international commission" so painstakingly prepared, clean up the sleeve of "Walter" and filtered other "material evidence".

Yes, and in the background, where it is not necessary to lie in the details, the artist did a masterful expressive, truthful "sketch" — drawing silhouettes with a real "firing" of the German photo — «einsatzkommandos» at work.

What the German painter suddenly drew — and again, "accidental" truth? No, he's just honest, German precisely executed the order and it was painted on a documentary photo.

By the way, a portrait of the Polish officer made close to reality, and obviously with the true picture, and faces "red executioners" — it's just a cartoon and trash.

Because such a contrast details: German documentary truth Pole in the winter shooting coat and false, grotesque "red bullshit."

Guys, try to make a collage instead of "red butchers' mount photographic portraits of the Germans in the field form. It's so easy, no need to even change the holster and gun, all are drawn. The effect is striking, all at once become true.

But it would be better to find and publish authentic original documents and photos of German executions of Poles in the "Katyn." And they are there and just waiting for your own hours. The fact that this point has already matured, they say all the latest magic, tragic action.

And the Poles will have to quietly correct this whole global polish "Schlock trust" — a monumental propaganda "Katyn." Do not worry, there is often quite easy to just change the date from "1940" to "1941". We'll have to, of course, excuses, state that believed in vain "Goebbels bitch" and "demon Churchill misled." Well, we, of course, and forgive them, and how.

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