Health and the future of civilization at risk

Health and future of the nation under threat Tasks related to demography, population health are all great danger of national security Russian Federation. Since the Institute of Developmental Biology. NKKol'tsova RAS Alexander Baranov at a hearing of the Commission on Health, Environment, Sports and Physical Fitness, which took place in the Public Chamber, gave evidence that in the Russian Federation 6 million women and 4 million men infertile. Once a year, the number was growing by 20-25 thousand people.

In Russia continues to decrease the number of babies, while in 1990 they were in the country of 40 million by 2015, as predicted by demographers to be only 25-28 million is awake appear only 18-20% of children. After kindergartens and schools healthy kids is even smaller — less than 10%. Genetic disorders were observed in almost one third of newborns.

According to the views of the scientists, the main factors that lead to the deterioration of the health of people of, are: environmental pollution, toxic food products, for violation of the criterion on the biological level of the formation and development of children. Babies develop so-called. 'Metropolis syndrome "associated with the constant presence of allergenic and immune-depressed reasons. Syndrome leads to disruption of normal metabolism, immunity. The kids have a constant shortage of magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, which are necessary for normal functioning of the body.

Because the Russian authorities time to think about restoring the "village" of. Megacities are causing great harm to the health and psyche of people, especially kids, because their bodies are less resistant to adverse external factors. And at the moment there is the downside trend — the map RF lost thousands of rural Fri, villages, people tend to live in large cities.

In addition, the Russian population needs Russian vegetables, fruits that contain significant amounts of antioxidants, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. At the current time there is a great imbalance in the supply of environmentally nezapyatannoy and Russian production of the population of Russian cities. The monopolists of retailers prefer suppliers from abroad.

The hearing of the Commission on Health, Environment, Sports and Physical Fitness recognized the need for the Russian environment untainted products became available to Russian consumers.

Other disturbing announcements

— Chairman of the Municipal Anti-Drug Committee (SAC), the Director of the Federal Service for Drug Control (FDCS) Viktor Ivanov at the end of September 2011 said that although in the last 6 years, mortality among young people 15-34 years old uniformly decreased, but still remains in the 5-7 times higher than the average for European countries. Once a year, our home is losing more than 100 thousand young people. According to disk imaging, in the middle of the main causes of such highest mortality dominated by cardiovascular, respiratory diseases, diseases of the kidneys and liver. A failure of these systems of the body associated with the emergence of pathologies caused by alcohol and drug use (in the main Afghan heroin).

— UN experts predicted the extinction map of the world population, in Russia it is placed in the magazine Esquire: Our homeland was in the top 10 of the endangered countries. According to the views of the United Nations demographers, our homeland empty after eight centuries. In the group of "endangered countries" together with Russia were: Macau, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malta, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Slovakia, Macedonia, Hungary, Romania.

Weather was built on the base, so-called. untainted replacement rate (WHC): the average number of beautiful girls, who were born in a lifetime average lady is either a State and survived to the end of the reproductive period. In 120 countries KVN above unity, with each generation grows not only the number of inhabitants, and the beautiful girls, because the extinction of such countries are not threatened. Most of these countries — it is the developing countries. In the 73 countries of KVN's less than one. Because these countries have at some point "die."

At the current time in Russia there are over 76.8 million women, reproduction rate is only 0.679, ie, in a simple, three ladies give birth to only 2-beautiful girls, because after 30 generations born in the country last girl. Clearly, this forecast does not covers a number of qualities, such as movement, also on a long term plan such a situation, in principle, impossible.

But the tendency of UN experts have noted certain — the demographic situation in the country is getting worse. Samples of the power to change the situation only with real incentives (besides having a number of errors) will not be able to rectify the situation. Indeed, the main factor which forms the birth rate in the country — is the moral value system installation and society. A degradation of the consciousness of the population of the Russian Federation lasts to this day.

Classical system of morality and family values, which forms the restrictive society causes, and protect against the spread of pathology at the present time almost one hundred percent destroyed.

Because the figure in 2888, when the extinct Our home can be called mind-boggling. Nature and the human world is arranged so that no one would expect in a while RF died last lady. If one human population does not want to live, replicate, its area will be divided between the more tenacious groups.

That is already happening, Asians successfully occupy spaces RF. Since voiced forecast that by the middle of the XXI century in Russia fraction of migrants may exceed one third of the Russian population. According disk imaging head of the Duma committee on international affairs Konstantin Kosachev already at this point in the lives of the Russian Federation about 10 million workers. Also announced data showing that the Russian Federation until 2025 plan to have another 25 million workers. This is the cause of strongest blow to the Russian people, which and so is not experiencing the best of times. It's one thing if I was invited to Russia Russian and their direct descendants and representatives of other indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation, but millions of Asians have a different mentality, they are people of a different culture (not Russian, not Russian). Their assimilation is impossible, it is perfectly justified the example of Western Europe, where all her favorites said the failure of the model of multiculturalism.

Time before the crash (if you throw a situation without drastic configurations) of the Russian civilization left a lot less — a maximum of 21 until the end of the century, although at mid-century, more than real. Specifically, by 2050, as predicted by demographers, Our homeland will approach to a critical figure, the size of its population to reach — about 80 million people. This is the boundary if population will decline further, to keep the whole area of the Russian Federation will not work.

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