Health civilization — the key to the defense of the country!

The nation's health - the key to the defense of the country!Everyone remembers the nineties? Snickers, "pianos", "Sangria", "Jupiter" and other crap? As it was interesting! How "perfect"! As the "juicy"! Oh, and we nakushalas this shit on the western most nehochu! At this point, of course, with this poordinarnee. No hype, somnitelnyve products are gone, well, choice of Russian goods not in the example above, than in the 90s. And it's great! But now came the news that I was not expecting, but which I think is just wonderful!

Health Ministry together with Rospotrebnadzorom in 2011 spent more than 700 inspections in the restaurant chain McDonald's and concluded that fast food causes irreparable harm to the health of Russians, and he is no longer a place in a country where the state has a rich cuisine. In addition, the network frisky food occasionally met health standards, violated terms of the storage of goods and the development of food production.

— We have long been looking intently for a frisky supply chain McDonald's, — told the journalist FogNews Rospotrebnadzor — wrote out fines, making provisions sought to comply with the statutory regulations, but compliance with the requirements in 6 of 10 cases remained on paper. More than once, our special offered bribes and threatened repossession, if not allowed to continue to work. In 2010, a study of the problem of restaurants Sports nutrition Health Ministry were involved. Almost two years we have been investigating the existing fragmented difficulties, and last year joined the effort. In early March 2012, we decided that network frisky food restaurants McDonald's in its present form can no longer operate in the terrain Russian Federation.

Fate McDonald's has already been solved: the company was given 9 months to ensure that absolutely minimize the work, take out the equipment, lay off employees and to comply with all legal formalities. March 15, 2012 McDonald's lawyers have filed a lawsuit against the Health Ministry and the Federal Service in the hope that they will win the case. But even if that happens, network Sports nutrition still with the passage of time will be eliminated. But lawyers Rospotrebnadzora convinced that McDonald's will lose the case: many violations committed employees.

March 19 in Moscow, flew the South American representatives McDonald's hoping to settle all formalities and return to itself the right to continue working in Russia. According to reports in the American press, the parties failed to reach a peace agreement: Our homeland insists on closing the McDonald's in connection with the damage to the health of Russians, which brings fast food.

Closure is also subject to all the street stalls selling shawarma, pancakes with the innards and grilled poultry. However, this does not mean any of the above courses will disappear entirely: they can be prepared to be used indoors. On September 1, 2012 , the right to produce such products will receive only the special fixed point, fitted water pipes and gutters. Floor space shall be more than 12 square meters.

If this goes on, I think that day is not far when out of our lives lost and the western "food" for the mind, as any "House-2", "Suppose they say," "Luxury sentence" and other useless husk and shit!
And when we finally spit it out, "hamburger", my brain will work better. With what all and congratulations!

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