Hello, NATO!

Introduction: If a butterfly net for catching butterflies invented, it can of course be used as a "colander" the tilt of pasta, but the goal is still a constant truant — catching butterflies!
Wisdom of the people.

Hello, NATO!

The purpose of NATO — with the eye of the 49th

It seems to us no comfort "pink" vision of the modern world, still need to open up a child's eyes closed, so sober and grown-understand one single phrase — «To keep America in, Germany down and Russia out» — 1st senior favorite of NATO in 1949. In the words of the heroes of the television series "Real boys' translation can voice in subsequent interpretation — America in the" low "of Germany, and Russia in the« out »- does not count. Who remembers the story that everyone realized who it only remembers that remind you that in the years after the second world war, the world was associated with only 3 large victorious powers — the USSR, the USA, England. You may ask, where is Europe? But Europe-that was defeated in the face of Germany and of all those who have been occupied by it. Ancient Britain is good — the usual conservatism, and of the United States in most own — an old English-speaking children of the light! Their means! Because so little is understood translation — America Europe controlled by Germany, and our homeland — the exit, outside of Europe! Note readers referred specifically to the Russian Federation, not the Soviet Union. Soviet Union, they believed at the time of Russia, plastered with "chaff" in the form of other republics, which, in their opinion, just drop off. And she fell off after the "market" 4 favorites republics drunk in Polesia the fall of 1991, has fallen off the first gallakticheskoy speed! Also there was Our homeland with all the responsibilities that ruined the country, and the "husk" raced for the regular sandwiches to the same NATO people, giving to sell their bodies as payment for the placement of future NATO bases. Let's primary result of a reasoned purpose of NATO. Our homeland, specifically our homeland — is the goal pursued by the founders of NATO, and now all the same Our homeland — is motivated by the function of NATO. Now imagine the hypothetical situation — Our homeland in NATO … Brad comes out, our homeland as a partner in NATO actually fighting against Russia, ie should target — the U.S. everywhere, and Russia to the back, out with Europe! If we take into account that NATO still brutal block (and who in this range), then view the history of its development and operation, and you will clearly see that no country did not attack the country — members of NATO, but the anger of the block world beheld a lot, and for some reason it has always been associated with the United States. So now, if the unit is brutal, that we, too, want to be the aggressors?

So, our homeland in NATO that it gives her?

In the case of entry into the bloc Our homeland will have follow the voluptuous beauty and subtleties of life:
— we'll fight again in the points where fighting a war at the moment the United States and Iraq, Afghanistan. The Yankees do not like Iran, so that the "area" is also potentially "shine" Russian guys as a defense someone, so called, democracy. And again the tears of our mothers …
— we will become a fait accompli "friendly" occupation to our Russian countryside will be a NATO base;
— our southern border and the Far East will be possible strengths, and then the front lines, the centers of fighting. What do you think, who will be possible to the enemy, and who will be cannon fodder?;
— standard weapon for all members of the unit. This means that the "game" will be "their" concerns the production and supply of weapons, and our military-industrial complex and even more will die …. And with it will die, and the leading Russian technology, namely aviation;
— in the scheme of "NATO-rulizatsii" stunningly fit our prince's "reform" of the collapse of the Armed Forces, has approved the control of. All right, what army "NATO rulizirovannoy" country? You can restrict Arbat Military District within the Garden Ring yes intheir boys at the slaughterhouse in the country of Islam.

And yet, it is necessary to trust NATO?

You can try to live in trust and only think about the goodness of the alliance, if not numbers, persistent number of built in Europe 10 s divisions and brigades, thousands of tanks, guns and airplanes. For whom is this? From such a powerful protection? From the 2-10-s members shadowy Al-Qaeda? Or maybe all the same creators of the world's intelligence services of the virtual evil? Once it is necessary to justify the overhead article with tax flows! So, "saber" in Europe — it is for us to contact you, dear Russians, motivated by the function of NATO! Let's take a look at the eyes of the Russian NATO, As you can see our homeland? And it is visible in the halo of a cheap resources and large market for "fallow" products, and all this against the background of another "husk" of nationalities and ethnic Russian. So why do not repeat history "collapse"? All this is and will be! This and the lack of a decent army, and the loss of national integrity.

So you need to make a decision on the accession of Russia to NATO?

Do not need much for this, the main thing to keep in mind that according to the Constitution of the source of power in Russia — people! People, friends, and not the president, the prime minister is not more so, those persons delegated to us by voicing our thoughts and desires, our solutions with you! So the key word still has to be ours with you the solution, and that means a referendum! Do you think there will be a referendum on this issue? You are right, on reflection, we also doubt it! All on Zhvanetsky — "… again by us all, and only later with a fait accompli by rozham .." as usual will bring the fact held "NATO rulizatsii"!

As we were all the same to be with you, NATO?

To be or not to be? Be, but how? In what capacity "to be"? All our Russian these "to be" Shakespeare never dreamed of! Yes, we need to be integrated with the world, yes, we need to "be" almost everything together with the rest of the world in the creation of "being." But while audible "clank" of weapons-grade iron around us, we were not with them "to be"! We have to start, but not in another "first", and in an equal union of the future, and it should not be NATO! NATO removing, dismantling of NATO, NATO's dustbin of history, gentlemen holders and landlords alliance, you have no enemies, and you will understand it perfectly, but you do not want to admit it, otherwise lost your sense of «… To keep America in, Germany down and Russia out », and this oh so you do not want to! For you can not, gentlemen, believe without 3 witnesses, and you do not have them, you are alone, the hegemony of the world, what think you are!

Afterword: How sad that the world is ignorant mind operates, the degree of "degenerates"! Why is that? How long …?

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