Holy Wood

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Our forest … What could be more mysterious our northern Dubrova? What a prompt imagination delve into native, overgrown bylem profit Russian man? The beauty of the forest is infinitely varied in its apparent monotony. She blows a mighty breath of life, and she breathes fragrance of pristine freshness. It is testament to yourselves under mysterious vaults of shady trees. She whispers soft posheptom herbs, spreads his feet traveler colorful flower carpets, echoes shrill twittering of birds, halloo to one another with the excited voices echoing memory of antiquity.

North dense forest says even his silence, his ineffable silence, their quiet noises. He seemed to revive in the Russian soul worldview forgotten grandfathers-grandfathers, like gives her the news that followed her every sigh of infinite darkness settled in this area of the unknown ancestors. Under the canopy of the forest as if awakened in the soul of all their former life-otzhitaya breathe the same breath with Mother Nature's ancestors — the simple hearted people potovogostradnogo tireless work and unwavering-powerful force of will.

Forest Whispers silence enforced obscurity. It helps to at least one eye to look into the great book of nature, completely closed to all, do not try falls on chest mother earth mother. And everlasting sorrow, light and quiet joys and terrible outbreak of age-old resentments, and secrets — untold secrets — all that is heard in the silence of the heart listens to native forests.

Sacred groves

Runs through the wind in the tops of the old heroes-pines — squeak-rock mighty trees, ready to compete with the storm-weather. Stands with storm underdeveloped timber lining, noise mnogoshumnaya, surrounded the man I go, in common with him, he runs across the road beckons prophetic voices shirokovetvistuyu under its shade, casts light on the soul of a thought that he — this man — the son of the same mother nature , nurtured on her breasts forest. Les says Russian heart is not an example more than the sea is blue, and this talk frankly and easier for us — all the blood-and dear … Should not find the cause of this phenomenon is that the Russian people for too long been cut off from their present seven Seas enemy's strength, too long buried in native forests with his faith in the people's outraged alien-gate of state identity, jealously guarding her from all dashing eyes! ..

That no tree in the forest, it has its own beauty, its own life, its dedicated to her, snatched from her inquisitive ear folk sayings. But perhaps even more things green forest people's heart Russian Birch — This white, curly beauty.
"You're not white berezynka the ground slopes, not paper leaves spread out …" — displays one zapevka. "Curly berezynka a little window, and not sitting in the window kasatochka not swallow — sitting soul fair maiden …" — merges with another song first. "Evenings my berezynka, vechor my curly, curly green, small-leaved oh, my vechor berezynka roared long, long roared — serdechushku of cute boyfriend carrying news, oh curly" — filled the third … "In the field berezynka stood in the box curly roared. Luli Luli-stood, Luli, Luli, roaring "- and not wake the end these songs if you take through them one by one.

On a happy holiday Semik — girlish holiday sung in honor of birch special songs. These days are a real treat in the life of curly white beauties of the forest kingdom. Filled with red girl wreaths, let them into the water, to think for them the fate of so narrowed, dressed up in a birch tree flowers yes tape, dances under the birch trees lead. And everywhere she flaunts then — where Russia is a real person.

Not a traditional birch-berezynke winged word honor honor rewards — it has not been spared and other representatives zelenokudrogo kingdom as hardwood and softwood. The latter even closer, dearer gloomy Russian North. Wandering around in the shadow of the pines, these thin beauties who are ready if not dorodstvu, the stateliness to argue not only with white birch, and with overseas palms mention of them a Russian variety of puzzles. "Should dryavo hanging curly at the edges villous in Seredka sweet" says a popular rumor of cedar. "Do not hit me, lomi me, climb on me" — added to her Siberians trades collecting pine nuts. And so on.

Forest, with age-old years is considered a sacred place for all Slavic peoples. Now, in a secret, in the soul of the Russian people, experiencing awe confusion at the entrance to the forest awakens faith ancestors who recognized the protected forest areas for its temples. In the sacred groves of ancient Russia, over the origins of flowing water, the sacrifices embodied in nature gods. In these groves under pain of sin nezamolimogo prohibited hunting for animals and birds, were not allowed to cut down a single tree. Here, under the shade of century-old Drewes, priests blessed the marriage union.

In particularly designated tracts arranged cemetery with the currently completed their eternal rest lingering career. Yet still found in the Volga villages abandoned forest cemetery, talking to their views of the deep antiquity of origin. About weddings "Samokrutov" goes to Russia saying: "The crowning round the willow bush." Until recently it was possible to see the survivors of the ax fighter and holy people guarded lonely old oaks, forgotten on the battlefield heroes high above the plain.

This is — protected trees, the survivors of the slaughtered sacred groves. Under them were held from time to time secular feasts, games, game scolded balalaika. And now, our neighbors Chuvash, residents Mordovians and among the Russian population, these oaks are considered sacred. They give light weight embroidered towels, they are addressed with prayers for rain to give their vows. If by such a tree ingenious hand delivered chapel and even run-gurgling brook-strudenets, then taken to a place to go on a pilgrimage.

Oak has long been considered the Slavic lands sacred tree. Chronicles testify as a Slavic West preachers of Christianity were cut down protected trees. But still resemble the worship of the oak groves scattered boundless expanse svetlorusskomu Coppice-"zhalniki", became a place of rest the weary travelers.

Oak is the personification of the power-power in ancient times was dedicated to the mighty Perun. "The holy ocean-sea — reads zagovornoe popular word — is oak kreuovisty (dumpy?). And the cuts that old oak mater husband his buckskin ax. And from that oak chips Syrova flies takozhde to and from me (name) would collapse on the damp earth wrestler done on any day, at any hour. "

Photo from tourist.kharkov.ua

Photo from tourist.kharkov.ua

Survived the Slavic tradition of oaks, standing as if "before the world" when de there was no earth, no sky, and poured over the universe one "okeyan-sea." Were, according to legend, in the middle of the ocean two oak, those oaks were two birds. They went down to the sea floor, captured so beaks sand pebbles. So de and created the earth and the sky. According to another tradition, there is an iron pervoposazhden oak, which hold water, fire and earth, and the root of the oak is in the power of Our Lady. Grows the oak-rises to the heavens, and is rooted in the deepest depths of the underworld.

Corinthian AA (1868-1937)
People's Russia., St. Petersburg. 1901.

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