Honor Code Slavic husband

No rudeness and arrogance, meanness and not slander, not beauty and sexuality, not lies and hypocrisy, not bigotry and ignorance, not cowardice and betrayal, not the material enrichment and money — typical real man.
Real men live by the high ideals of soul and spirit, always placing in the top: Honor, Responsibility, Duty to ancestors and descendants.
CODE OF HONOR these men:

1. Be true blood and soil. In your blood — the power of race, in your world — remains Ancestors.
2. Be brave and proud. He who conquers his fear, he who does not give way to the Force, is the real hero.

3. Honor the truth on which your ancestors lived. Follow the path of the Old Gods, as they once were men of your blood and heroic deeds have gained immortality.
4. Be true to his blood brother. This loyalty is known only in combat. Circle of brothers worth thousands of armies of foreigners.

5. Be true favorite. The one who did not like a woman, not worthy to go through the North Gate of the Abode of Heroes.
6. Be honest. Lie worthy people, too weak to defend the right to life in the open field.
7. Be fair. Do unto others only as they deserve it.
8. Be wise. Do not take for granted the false truths, but to comprehend the world in your mind.
9. Not be reconciled with evil for evil without discipline, multiplied, and the fault lies with the man who left him with impunity.

10. Do not go on about the Company. The crowd can bring you just a slave. Strive to break out of its range, where rules the invincible force of nature.

11. Prices Will. Strive for it, for it is better to die standing than live on my knees.
12. Always remember that the weak — is afraid of battle, strong rushes into it, and finds in it a great happiness.

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