How are Fedoskino

History Zhostovo craft dates back to the nineteenth century, when a number of suburban towns and villages of the former Trinity parish — Zhostovo, Ostashkovo, Khlebnikov and Trinity — there were workshops for the production of painted lacquer ware made of papier-mache. The emergence Zhostovo painted tray associated with the name of the brothers Vishnyakova.

The price list Factory stated: "The establishment of brothers Vishnyakovo lacquered metal trays, sugar bowl, trays, made of papier-mache boxes, cigarette cases, caddy, albums … there since 1825."

By the middle of the XIX century in Zhostovo formed its own original artistic style and techniques of painting. The main motive is predominantly floral bouquet on a black or red background. Much less background are other colors, as well as gold and mother of pearl. Underlying Zhostovo art is wide free carpal smear, as well as performance artist complete freedom of each individual composition. In fact, all songs copyright: the master writes not from nature or from samples, and guided by their imagination and compositional techniques, honed the practice of previous generations Zhostovo artists.

Moreover, the main element — floral bouquet — has established several types of compositions. Garlands of flowers may be placed on the perimeter of the tray, to gather in bunches of three or five colors, displayed in baskets. Flowers often accompany images of fruits, berries and birds. When painting Fedoskino used oil paints on turpentine, which cause soft squirrel brushes.

Multilayer painting done in several stages, each layer dried. The first stage is called "underpainting." Broad-brush artist without drawing sketched silhouette composition and determines the basic color. Then the trays are covered with clear varnish, polished and returned painter.

Then put "tenezhku" — translucent strokes emphasize shaded places. After which the "blikovku" — whitewash applied patches on the flowers and leaves, stressing their volumes.

Rounding out the work "chertezhkoy" basic forms bouquet — draws thin lines veins, petals, stamens and pistils image. And, finally, in the gaps between the flowers and leaves of grass pattern is written — is the so-called "binding".

Board tray is decorated with delicate decorative ornament. After completing the painting covered with several layers of oil paint from drying and polishing.

The last operation — laying a mirror finish — is performed using the palms of your hands the finest chalk powder. Therefore, each tray is unique, unrepeatable. And, of course, keeps warm hands of the master, who created it. This unique craft — a real luxury, and it is very affordable, which is nice.

Sergei Vostretsov

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