How does art created the world / 1 — 5 series watch online

How does art created the world / 1 - 5 series watch online
This movie Air Force offers for you to make a journey from the past through all 5 continents to trace the evolution of the art of human civilization. You'll see how fast it was the development of art in the early stages of development of our civilization, as over the centuries it has obtained their different trends and tendencies, as it took its place in the modern world. Also learn how to specifically impacted the development of art development of man in the world around us. The movie covers a wide range of human achievement, especially in any other way related to art. From murals our Protz to the masterpieces of pottery, from the Egyptian pyramids to the richest palaces, from icons to the mysterious relics. In short, everything that has ever created a human hand ….

Part 1 — A more human than the man

Part 2 — a day when you were born pictures

Part 3 — Art of persuasion

Part 4 — At one point,

Part 5 — to death and back

Man and its features

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