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At the end of the past millennium and the beginning of the new information from various sources talking about the amazing phenomenon of birth of children referred to as the "indigo children". Many young parents began to notice that their children of their behavior and way of thinking are quite unlike their yearlings born before the turn of the millennium. Such differences mainly lie in the large "maturity" and the manifestation of the highest human qualities and abilities.

It turned out that much, why are trying to teach the "indigo children", they already know, so completely ignore such attempts. And some of the knowledge and abilities, their parents do not have representation. Here and in the formation of a poltergeist, and a buildup of objects and orientation in space without the use of eye and read thoughts of people with whom they communicate, and healing abilities, and a prediction of the future, and congenital profession, etc. These children are from one to two years of self-study and begin to read, quickly trained to use a mobile phone and a computer.

Calendar is a system of symbols, signals those levels of harmonic vibrations of matter, bearing the information about the development of our civilization. The numerical value of a person's birth year — it's thin body vibration Causal newborn human soul in the electromagnetic interaction and the Stars in the field of inertial interaction of the planets at the time of his first cry. A causal subtle body — it's Karma human souls.

In accordance with the currently accepted chronology of humanity we all went into the third millennium, and all born after the year 2000 have in their date of birth deuce reinforced by three zeros. This means that the children of the new millennium, not only have the ability to interact with other energies of different plans and manage a thousand times stronger than people born in the last millennium, but also have their karmic task out of all civilization to a new stage of development at which a person has a phenomenal ability to influence others and the ability to manage them. This, in turn, allows to reach new knowledge with thousand-fold acceleration compared to us.

Antediluvian civilization has reached a level of abilities, but, unfortunately, was not to use it for self-improvement in the way of knowledge, and to create the corrupt state. Such activities earthly humanity has become dangerous for the universe, so most of the people were destroyed by God the Flood. So with the 2000 November civilization "dead" and the beginning of civilization born Indigo. All children are now born — indigo, but each has its own level of development and manifestation of the higher faculties.

If God is infinitely loves His creation — man, was forced to destroy almost all of human civilization, we can understand how important it is right now to send a new generation is born, which is a new civilization (Indigo) in its development with the use of qualities, yet available to most of our contemporaries .

An attempt to study these children our rather primitive methods (at the time being and for those of our generation) can lead and has led to the failure to disclose their abilities to the full suppression of aspiration for knowledge and use of their abilities not for spiritual perfection and physical development, and to meet the needs of their own animals, but in a very sophisticated way, based on the highest quality human indigo. These children are primarily of a very high self-esteem, as it is not appropriate to their age, but in fact it is our understating of their personalities over the developed world. These children do not suffer in the most edifying and trampling their dignity without explanation and justification. They do not tolerate the duality. Parents want their children to behave according to them, and the children copy the behavior of their parents and thus read their thoughts, and with a deep understanding of the motives that lead to contradictions, and hence to disobedience. And most importantly, these children have great potential resonance with the spiritual world, and the lack of faith in God, many parents bring them to a bifurcation, for the soul of their unconditional and strong faith in God and in the community around unbelief and degradation.

Based on the above, we can express some of the recommendations in the education of the children of civilization Indigo:
— to compulsory baptism in the Orthodox Church and the constant attendance at services (at the time according to their age), as well as joint prayers with them at home, because it will protect them from the resonance with the satanic forces because of abilities that children have;
— through the understanding of their level of development, the attitude towards them should be as equal in the spiritual sense of the family and society (not "small (a) more");
— in matters of education should not be allowed distortion or substitution of concepts ("syusyukaniya", "zatselovyvaniya" simplify the explained), only the objective and rationale for mandatory compliance with requests or tasks (not teams);
— providing the maximum freedom to choose the solutions to problems, followed by a joint analysis of the sympathetic mistakes, and also the recognition of their own, if any, were the teachers;
— radical change in training programs (to include them in the learning of several languages, not just one, when the child begins to speak) with the phenomenal abilities of children indigo;
— exclusion and destruction of all computer games in this primitive and aggressive their performance, eliminating the possibility of using the Internet to reach the age of 12, when finally crystallized person, in connection with its glut of false information, dirty, negative, corrosive, corrupting, primitive, and inherently satanic information that leads to the spiritual death of the person (replacing it with appropriate books);
— rigor in education, but with respect for their dignity;
— compulsory study of the "Belles Lettres" in its highest spiritual understanding through the use of mental and spiritual world literature;
— the combination of collective learning with training on individual programs specifically designed for individuals;
— identification, development and control of the use of God's phenomenal Dara each child after the age of 12 and preventing the use of higher qualities of indigo children to any negative or mercantile interests;
— paying special attention to the education of the children of love of neighbor and living according to God's commandments, because in the future, more advanced in their extraordinary abilities will take the unconditional power in society over the will of the less developed, leading to repetitive (as before the Flood) degradation of civilization.

Aurelien VG

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