Hubble took pictures of the Cygnus Egg

Hubble astronomers found Yaytso.Amerikanskie published new images taken with the Hubble Space Telescope, the Egg Nebula. Photos are available on the internet — page telescope, where it can be seen by anyone. "Egg" is located in the constellation Cygnus, which is removed from the earth at a distance of approximately 3 thousand light-years from Earth.

This proplanetarnaya nebula, which are formed in the final stage of a star. Changes occurring in the nebula, causing interest among all astronomers in the world due to the fact that the phase of interaction in the nebula is in transition, and its change last only a few thousand years. On a framework of astronomy is a very short time.

During this period, which the star heats the gas around them, which in turn reflect the heat the star. Studying the nebula "Egg", the researchers plan to study ways to advance the appearance of black holes, and to consider possible new ways of interaction of matter in space. The transition period of the nebula — a rare phenomenon in astronomy.

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