Huge flower of algae in Antarctica seen from satellites


The flower blooms from a 100 by 200 km seen in images taken from one of the satellites of the U.S. space agency NASA, the dpa news agency reported on March 5.

Sensational discovery has caused excitement among many researchers. Scientists have discovered a huge flower blooms in the Antarctic. "We have seen small flowers from algae, but not so much in the region" — said on Monday a German researcher Jan Lieser of the University of Tasmania, Australia. Brownish-green carpet is visible even from space.

Flower of algae has a size of about 100 to 200 km. Satellite image of the American space agency NASA has found its Lieser, a native of Berlin.

"We believe that there is now a huge feast," — said the marine meteorologist and glaciologist Lieser. Living creatures of the Antarctic region, from krill to whales can fill their bellies on these algae. Everywhere small algae are the primary food source.

According to scientists, there are many reasons for this phenomenon: "The snow could mix with the grains of dust containing iron and get to Antarctica by the wind, which contributed to the growth of algae." It is also possible that the fast ice and melting, a special form of sea ice, freed contained dust and dirt. Usually the sea is not enough iron.




Currently, samples are taken to determine the type of algae. "Maybe it's kind of Phaeocystis», — says Lieser. These algae are found in all seas. Flower of algae was discovered on February 20, and will remain, presumably, another two weeks, said the expert.

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