Huge triangle is approaching Earth from space. NASA UFO upset that found a triangular UFO


Fans of conspiracy theories are almost exposed NASA discovered on the public image of an unidentified flying object, but the space agency was again able to hide behind the laws of physics.

At this time ufologists noticed footage telescope aboard STEREO-B — one of the two probes, "parked" on both sides of the sun. Duet provides 360-degree view of the inner solar system. The footage can be seen Venus, Earth, and … mysterious triangular object headed toward Earth from deep space!

"If my calculations are correct, when compared with the visible planetary objects that thing must be huge," — wrote, for example, YouTube user under the pseudonym BeePeeOilDisaster in the comments to the roller, skim December 27-29. A few days later, NASA updated the site of the project STEREO, adding new materials, and the Internet began to talk about the fact that the agency has made it on purpose, in order to hide the truth, to which almost managed to get to the bottom.

Ghost Hunters on extraterrestrial life is not the first time they see a UFO in the pictures, sent probes STEREO. Typically, scientists do not waste time on fools, but now, apparently, "boiled". The researchers decided popularly explained that the triangle — is nothing more than a trick of the light.



"Look for a clue on the opposite side of the image — written by experts. — As soon as the screen appears a strange formation in the lower left corner of the camera view is very bright Venus. " The scientists note that Venus and the triangle are opposite to each other across the middle plane of the camera, "This is not a coincidence. A strange object is an internal reflection of Venus in the optics of the telescope. Such an effect has been observed many times. "

The fact that the incoming light is repeatedly reflected by the telescope lenses and mirrors. Form of the "image noise" (usually the triangles and circles of different sizes) depends on the orientation of the lenses and mirrors relative to each other.

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