Hundreds of dolphins came to the ice captured in Chukotka

Hundreds of dolphins came to the ice captured in ChukotkaMore than a hundred beluga whales were cut from pure water ice and ice hit the prisoner in Sinyavinskaya Strait Bering Sea, 15 kilometers south of the Chukchi villages Yanrakynnot.

As reported in the administration of Chukotka, beluga concentrated in two relatively small polynyas, where they can breathe. However, the animals are completely unable to go to clean water in view of the considerable length of the ice fields in Sinyavinskaya Strait. Given the likelihood of a shortage of food in the area and quickly regelation ice arisen situation threatens the rapid depletion and complete destruction of animals, according to the authorities of Chukotka.

The government of the Chukotka Autonomous District is turning to federal authorities. By order of the Governor of Chukotka Roman Kopin relevant letters were sent to the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Igor Levitin and Emergencies Minister Sergei Shoigu, Russia, where he proposed to earmark class icebreaking ship to rescue fallen into ice-blocked belugas.

The letter also notes that such a ship would be a sea salvage tug "Ruby", which carries out rescue operation thrown ashore on the southern coast of Chukotka Korean cargo ship "Oriental Angel" and is only a half to two day journey from Sinyavinskaya Strait.

In addition to seeking assistance from federal agencies, the Chukotka region has taken additional measures to help animals. In particular, it will explore the ice fields to determine the distance from the location of the animals to clean water. While perform screening prevents poor visibility in Sinyavinskaya Strait.

Ice captive belugas — a frequent phenomenon in the Arctic waters, but not so often found in persons in a timely manner. In Chukotka, the last relatively successful case of using these animals was recorded in 1986, when with the help of an icebreaker to clean water was removed part of flocks of sea mammals that have managed to survive the ice-blocked.

Beluga whale is a mammal of the family narvalovyh up to 6 m and a weight of 2 tons is sometimes called "wingless dolphin" for lack of characteristic dolphin dorsal fin. White whales live in Arctic areas and the Bering and Okhotsk Seas.


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